50 Songs For Your Summer Playlist – Part 1

Temperatures are rising all across the nation. School is letting out. Country stars are hitting the road for the annual tour of fairs and festivals. People are out grilling in their yards and everyone seems to have a little extra skip in their step.

It all means that summer is here.

As you get those cold drinks and hot grills ready this season, it’s important to have the greatest country music ready to play as you hang out with friends. If you’re out by the water playing volleyball or lounging next to a cooler, it’s necessary to have the soundtrack for the season.

Here are the songs you’ll need to make the summer of 2010 memorable.

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50 Songs For Your Summer Playlist

50) Stays In Mexico – Toby Keith

Toby KeithIn 2004, Toby Keith released his second collection of greatest hits. The package – Greatest Hits 2 – featured songs from Keith’s successful tenure at Dreamworks Nashville. To lead off the album was the summery single Stays In Mexico. The song is about two folks that take trips to Mexico and have a little affair due to some impaired emotions caused by tequila. For many each summer, this song sparks the memory of fun past summer experiences…that we may regret.

Download Stays In Mexico

49) Sunshine and Summertime – Faith Hill

Faith HillFaith Hill had a successful album with 2005’s Fireflies. The album had a more country feel to it than Hill’s previous efforts and fans loved every bit of it. The fourth single from the album was the infectious Sunshine and Summertime. Co-written by John Rich, the song describes familiar images and emotions most experience during the summer months. The sunshine, the cars, and the good people. It’s a fun song that captures escapism perfectly.

Download Sunshine And Summertime

48) This Afternoon – Nickelback

NickelbackNickelback goes country. The guys in the rock band – Nickelback – have a self-described potential country hit on their hands with the catchy, summer-themed This Afternoon. The song is the anthem for backyard parties this summer and it’s likely you’ll hear it at your local bar as you play volleyball or as you cruise the lake in the pontoon. Rocker Kid Rock recently had a summer hit with All Summer Long so it’s possible you’ll be hearing This Afternoon on country radio more and more as the summer days roll by.

Download This Afternoon

47) Loco – David Lee Murphy

David Lee MurphyIn 2004, it had been nearly 10 years since David Lee Murphy was a force on the country charts. That all changed with his summer song Loco. The song was a revival of sorts for David Lee. Loco reached the top five on the charts and had David’s name in the spotlight again. The song is about Tiki torches, grilling, and hot pepper lights. Nothing says summer like this song. Today, David Lee is riding on writing big hits for superstars in country music. But don’t forget he had a few big hits of his own including Loco.

Download Loco

46) Better Life – Keith Urban

Keith Urban was riding high in 2005 and his career hit a peak that year with the song Better Life. Co-written by Urban and pop singer Richard Marx, Better Life became a theme song for couples in love struggling to find their place in the world. The song connected with people for various reasons. Since most young couples look to have fun on a budget, the summer provides the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of activities. Let Better Life be your fun song this summer as you take a walk by the river, shoot hoops, or drive around the neighborhood looking for a cookout.

Download Better Life

45) Sweet Southern Comfort – Buddy Jewell

Buddy Jewell had been singing demos in Nashville for some time. He had the voice of a country singer, but could never find the right way to sign a deal and get introduced properly to fans. In 2003, that all changed when he won the popular country talent show Nashville Star. Jewell’s first official album went platinum on the success of his debut single Help Pour Out The Rain and the second single Sweet Southern Comfort. The latter song was a major hit and drew upon some classic summer images.

Download Sweet Southern Comfort

44) Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?) – Garth Brooks and George Jones

Garth Brooks and George Jones teamed up for a fun song in 2001. Beer Run became a fan favorite at the tail end of the summer of 2001 as the romping song took fans on a trip to the next county to pick up some much needed alcohol for the weekend’s activities. Although the song stalled in the mid-20s on the charts, it’s still a favorite for fans that need to take off a little early on Friday to head out and get a few cold ones to kick off the weekend the right way.

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43) Brand New Girlfriend – Steve Holy

Steve Holy scored his second #1 hit with Brand New Girlfriend in 2006. Over the summer that year fans loved the tongue-in-cheek take on a new relationship. Burned by a previous experience, the song is about a guy that moves on to his next girl. She is the complete opposite of the former and the guy is loving every minute of it. The song plays great for the guys (or gals) as they ditch their bad relationships in favor of a fun this summer.

Download Brand New Girlfriend

42) Two Pina Coladas – Garth Brooks

Garth BrooksOver the summer of ’98, Garth Brooks convinced many down on their luck folks to head to the beach and drink some Captain Morgan until their troubles went away. For most, summer is about letting loose and forgetitng about the daily grind. Often, the best way to do just that is to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun while sipping a cool drink. Garth’s drink of choice was Two Pina Coladas, but any tasty beverage will suffice this summer.

Buy Garth Brooks – The Ultimate Hits

41) Bayou Boys – Eddy Raven

Eddy Raven released his #1 classic Bayou Boys in 1989 and the song became a classic tale of summer. The song is about a young boy growing too old for things like baseball as interests changed to girls. Summer love is a familiar experience for many and can serve as a fond memory from growing up. For the guys that raise a little cane and chase all the girls this summer, Bayou Boys will be the perfect song.

Download Bayou Boys

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    B double E double R U N! Need I say more?? :)

    Great start to a fun list! I love reading these collections. I’ll have to make this into an actual playlist. I wonder if you could offer that to us through Amazon or another mp3 seller? That would be a great feature to your site.

  2. says

    Anything is possible, Sarah Lynn 😉

    I’ve added the playlist with song previews.

    Note: Garth Brooks doesn’t allow his songs to be sold individually or digitally I believe. It’s his way of doing things.

    Enjoy your summer!


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