50 Songs For Your Summer Playlist – Part 3

The series continues with the next 10…

50 Songs For Your Summer Playlist – Part 3

30) Water – Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyBy 2010, Brad Paisley had already racked up more hits than seemingly everyone from his generation of country artists. There was that little string of 10 or so #1 hits in a row. Since first appearing on scene in 1999, Brad has put out some great songs and a great summer songs. The first one on the list is his latest Water. The song is about something we all love in the summertime – water. Hitting the lake for a dip with friends, swinging from a rope tied to a limb, running through the sprinkler or simply splashing each other at the drinking fountain, it’s all part of what makes the summer months great.

Download Water

29) Life’s A Dance – John Michael Montgomery

In late 1992, a big dimpled, kid with a twang in his voice burst onto the country music scene. John Michael Montgomery would later become known for his huge ballads, but his first hit is still one his best. Life’s A Dance reached the top five on the charts in early 1993 and became a favorite among fans. The song is catchy and fun to sing. The song is about young love that is had and lost by a teenage boy. Another love story from a summer many years ago. It’s something we’ve all experienced to some degree. Use Life’s A Dance to get your toes tapping this summer.

Download Life’s A Dance

28) One More Last Chance – Vince Gill

At the tail end of 1993, Vince Gill was armed with a growing collection of sorrowful ballads that had turned him into a country superstar. But it was his upbeat song One More Last Chance that became a fun-loving signature song. The tune sees Vince asking for forgiveness as his antics have reached a level that drives his woman to the edge of leaving. The video featured Vince out on the golf course with a few of his buddies. The story even includes a reference to the great legend of George Jones needed to take his John Deere out on the road because his significant other had taken away the truck keys. It’s a fun summer song and one that definitely needs to be on your playlist for the summer as you ask for forgiveness.

Download One More Last Chance

27) Small Town Saturday Night – Hal Ketchum

Hal Ketchum’s first single release with major marketing backing came with 1991’s Small Town Saturday Night. The song is about life in a small town on weekend nights. There isn’t much to do in a small town and that usually leads to trouble. If you’re spending lots of time in a small, rural town this summer be sure to have this classic country summer song on your playlist. It’s the theme song for life in the majority of towns across this great country.

Download Small Town Saturday Night

26) Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up) – Garth Brooks

Garth BrooksIn the middle of 1993, Garth Brooks was on top of the music world. Garth wasn’t just the biggest thing in country music, he was the biggest artist in music. Period. In the summer of ’93, Garth released a raring song in Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up). The song lights the radio speakers on fire and leaves a trail of dust in its wake as it rips you through 3 minutes of the most rocking country you’ll ever hear. Take things song with you for those long nights of fun this summer and be sure to crank up the volume so all can hear.

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25) Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) – John Michael Montgomery

When it comes to songs that make you lose your breath as you try to keep up there is nothing quite like John Michael’s Sold. The song is a rip-roaring tune that takes listeners on a 3-minutes race through the story of love at the local auction. Everyone usually loses their breath around the last goodbyyyyyyyyye, but everybody gets a smile on their face and an extra hop in their step when this song comes on each summer. Make sure to have it on your playlist for those days you’re sitting around and need to get everybody up on their feet.

Download Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

24) Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter

Just a down home girl, Deana Carter released Strawberry Wine at the end of the summer of ’96 and women and girls all over the country took notice. The song took on the subject of a girl’s first experience with summer love and how it typically tastes bittersweet. The song connected with millions and made Deana a star. Written by Matraca Berg, the song is about her own summer experiences in a small town on a farm in Wisconsin. The song is slow moving and has a timeless feel. It’s the perfect song for women and girls all over that will experience a bittersweet love this summer.

Download Strawberry Wine

23) Livin’ Part Of Life – Eric Church

Eric ChurchIt’s not one of Eric Church‘s hit singles, but his album cut Livin’ Part of Life is a fan favorite in concert. The song is about putting aside all the things we have on to-do list and taking some time to enjoy the good parts of life. The song is a reminder to us all that the summer is not about working all the time and spending time being busy. The summer is about enjoying the livin’ part of life. Work hard all winter, but when summer comes be sure to take some time to enjoy your friends and family. That’s what makes life worth living. If you are lucky enough to enjoy an Eric Church concert this summer you’ll recognize this tune as everyone in the crowd sings back the words to him. It’s a sight to see.

Download Livin’ Part Of Life

22) Mud on the Tires – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley career started hitting superstar status right around the time he released the album and single Mud On The Tires. The guitar-wheeling, twangy singer had a #1 hit with the song in late 2004. The video for the song was shot at Paisley’s Muddstock. It also involved mud wrestling and country legend and Paisley pal, Little Jimmy Dickens. The song is a spirited tune about spending a little time off road with your best gal. It’s usually the simple songs with catchy melodies that remain in our memories forever and this is a classic from Paisley.

Download Mud On The Tires

21) Good Directions – Billy Currington

Billy CurringtonIn 2007, Billy Currington‘s career was taking a turn to an upswing. His sophomore album was gold on the success of the title track Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right and he was touring with some big names. Over the spring of 2007, Billy’s career got an extra boost with the surprise #1 hit Good Directions. The song, co-written by country star Luke Bryan before he released his debut album, was a simple and kind of quirky tale about love. Fans loved the story of two different people falling in love over sweet tea on the side of the road. The song propelled Billy’s album to platinum status and he has since enjoyed more #1 hits.

Download Good Directions

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