Aaron Lewis Brings Rock to Country

Aaron Lewis Country BoyAaron Lewis of Staind is bringing his rock to country and he has help from a familiar face.

The other day I hard an interesting song on CMT. I was making breakfast and I heard what sounded like a country song mixed with some early ’00s rock and roll. I like the sound. I was instantly hooked into what was going on and I had to check it out.

It turned out the song was Country Boyand the singer was Aaron Lewis – lead singer of the rock band Staind.

The song Country Boy is autobiographical. Aaron sings about selling his soul to the record labels in order to become a big rock star. I’m sure we’d all do it if given the chance.

In the song Aaron sings about where he came from and how he hasn’t changed too much really since those early days. He still lives out in the country and does the things he enjoyed back then. We all have a past that shapes us and really we find things we like doing and we do them for most of our lives. If you’re from the country you’re probably going to enjoy doing things outside and away from the city your whole life.

It’s not a stretch for me to see Aaron Lewis dipping his toe in the country world. It sounds like he has the roots from the country. We’ve seen rock guys recently have huge success in country music – see Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, and even Nickelback.

What puts this song over the top is the guest appearance by George Jones. That floored me. Then Charlie Daniels? Awesome. Chris Young is also kicking around in the background of the video. I love the song.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    @Ryan – I like this one too. Of all the songs I write about on the site I find myself coming back again and again to listen to this one. There’s something cool about it. Great rack.

  2. Sandi says

    I love this song and the video. It’s great. I am an Aaron Lewis fan now! Hope a CD is to follow quickly!

  3. Jinx says

    This is by far the worst song I’ve heard in years. The sentiment I can relate to- but the lyrics are awful

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