You Go Your Way by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson has another hit on his hands

Alan Jackson is easily in my top three favorite country artists of all time. He’s released more music than I can remember. He has a way with melodies and there is always something about an Alan Jackson song that makes me feel good about life. This song is a little different, but it still makes me feel like there is something good out there.

You Go Your Way – Alan Jackson

The biggest thing you’ll notice with this song is that it’s kind of backward. The song is about a woman that’s leaving, which is not a happy moment. Then you realize the guy in the song is going crazy and even doing some heavy drinking now that’s she’s gone. None of this makes sense in the context of the melody because the song sounds like it should be something fun and upbeat. It doesn’t make sense.

The more I got to thinking about it the more I realized that Alan probably just like the song in general. He didn’t write this one, but it sounds like an Alan Jackson song. The melody fits and the lyrics are interesting and different. Those are two pretty solid ingredients for a hit country song.

I’m thinking this one could get Alan back near the top of the charts where he belongs. It’s a song you can sing along with and that’s half the battle. I also think there are people out there that want to connect with others that are going through the same hardships. We all suffer heartbreak from time to time and that’s what’s happening to the man in the song.

Maybe he’s going crazy because he’s in denial. He’s trying to put a happy spin on a sad situation. Maybe that’s why the song is a little on the upbeat sounding side of things.

Bottom line – this song connects people that are feeling this way. That’s what makes me smile. Alan knows how to connect with his fans and he’s done it again with this track.

Chart Estimate: #5

CML Points: 85/100

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