Alcohol Abuse by Marshall Dane (@MarshallDane)

Marshall Dane

Here’s a fun song about spending time in a bar with Marshall Dane.

Here is the latest single from country rocker Marshall Dane.

If you’ve ever been in the bars, taverns or saloons across the world you’ve probably seen some of this from the patrons.

Alcohol Abuse – Marshall Dane

I wasn’t sure if the song would be about alcohol abuse when people have too much to drink, but this was a good surprise. It’s about those times when people are having a bit too much fun while spending time out on the town.

And the inevitable happens – someone gets a little too rowdy and throws their drink or drops their drink. We’ve all seen this person in action. They’re loud and they’ve had too much too drink in one night, which is the other kind of alcohol abuse.

It’s funny and alright as long as it’s one drink or maybe two drinks, but beyond that people can get way out of control and then it has the potential to ruin everybody’s night.

So this is the new single from Marshall Dane. It looks like he’s been busy making music for a long time and it seems like he’s got a pretty solid fanbase built.

Let’s see how this new single does for him.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Kellyanne Wolfe says

    Marshall is the most under credited Talent in Canadian Country Music. I personally discovered his music November 2012 and he is still the undefeated champion of my own speakers! From the confidence I have witnessed him portray at a gig where I was the only person other than the bar mates (heavy snowstorm) to having such amazing stage presence over a crowd of 2000 + in Grandbend Ontario for Canada day of last, he is impeccable, bright, energetic , and the ladies all swoon. Not to mention he can sing too lol!
    He has participated in countless charitable events, will do his best to accommodate the requests of everyone out of the sheer pleasure of receiving a smile, and shines in the sincerity of it all. Not only is the guy a talented force that’s way overdue, he is the true definition of musician in the most beautiful sense. From tunes of old like ” a different time and place” to “Sorry for the mess” and “love an alcohol” and now “alcohol abuse” and my personal favorite “I’ll be your whiskey”, it’s definately time for a Marshall in the spotlight. If you haven’t yet , YES you should.

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