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In 1989, a young guy from Oklahoma released his debut single that would introduce the world to the biggest selling music act of all time – Garth Brooks.

Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) was released to little fanfare by Capital Records. The song began stalling out on the charts until Brooks and his personal marketing team continued to invest time, money, and effort into the song. The single eventually reached the top ten on the country charts and the singer was introduced properly to the country music world.

The next singles released from the album became smash hits and throughout the ’90s Brooks released hit after hit and broke records with his album sales. He is credited with giving country music some credibility in the pop world since his records were selling more than most pop artists.

Garth Brooks successfully blended authentic country music with rock and pop melodies to create a unique sound that his audience connected with on record and live performances. Fans flocked to his live shows as he used a hands free microphone to allow him to run and jump around the stage in an effort to bring the audience a more passionate concert experience.

Out of the spotlight, Brooks is a passionate family man. His semi-retirement in 2000 marked the beginning of his career as a full-time parent. Between the occasion record release and live show, Brooks now spends most of his days with his three kids, whom he raises with his ex-wife and current wife, country star Trisha Yearwood.

It’s likely that Garth Brooks will continue releasing new music and performing. He’s said that his passion still burns for music and he feels like he’s only getting started.

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