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Gary Allan was offered a record deal out in Los Angeles during high school. He and his family decided that it wasn’t the right time for the young kid to enter the life of a touring star. However, the young kid couldn’t stay away from music for long as he continued performing in the clubs bringing his own gravely unique version of country to any fans that would listen.

A chance meeting with a successful couple saw Allan taking a check for $12,000 to Nashville to pursue his dream of country stardom. Allan earned a record deal at Decca and he soon released a successful single as his first album went gold. His next album also went gold on the success of another top ten single yet Allan’s career was at a crossroads. He could either go the way of so many before him and flame out after a couple hits or he could drive himself further into the creative process.

The latter is what occurred and with the release of Smoke Rings In The Dark Allan reached a new level in country music. A slew of successful albums and singles followed in the ’00s and Allan is still on the top of his game. Fans flock to see his shows and with a huge collection of hits Allan is able to satisfy all the fans wishes.

Gary Allan is not the typical, modern country singer. He has the tattoos and authentic voice that make him almost a product of the outlaws from the ’70s. It’s this unique sound that gives Allan the power to connect with a special niche in country music.

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