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King George.

Say those two words and most country music fans in the world will instantly recognize who you’re referring to: George Strait.

Since his debut in 1981, Strait has taken a single to the top ten in every year for three, going on four, decades.

Strait has been a legend of consistency. His albums routinely reach platinum status. His singles seem to be destined for the top spot on the country charts from the moment they’re released. And his annual tours, although smaller in scale and scope these days, continue to sell out as fans head out to see one of the great country music singers of all time.

George seems to be reinvigorated with singing and songwriting – something he hadn’t done for 30 years – now that his song, Bubba, has taken an interest in music. The two co-wrote some tracks on Strait’s album, Twang.

Strait has well over 50 number one country hits on his resume and seems to be on his way to making it 75 or more.

There are now three things you can count on in life:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. A George Strait Hit This Year

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