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Jamey Johnson is country’s modern day outlaw. He’s had trouble with women, struggled with addiction, and he’s written and recorded some of the best country music songs ever put on vinyl. Jamey Johnson seems to be a rare breed of country music singers these days. He’s actually living the life that he sings about. The stories in his songs are stories he’s lived. And most of those stories cover difficult subjects and situations.

Many artists are able to connect with their audience, but if you see the reaction fans give Jamey Johnson you get the sense that he is on a closer level with his fans that most other artists. Johnson sings for the struggling folks. He connects with his fans by singing about the difficult times in life that make us feel lost from time to time. Somehow through the power of his songs Jamey Johnson is able to let people experience those emotions while making it through to the next day where the sun might shine a little brighter.

There aren’t many genuine outlaws in country music today, but Jamey Johnson is bringing back the genre in a big way. His music is connecting with a growing number of folks that are struggling with various situations in life. Johnson is the real deal in country music today.

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