Slip On By by Austin Webb

Austin Webb

Newcomer Austin Webb may have his first hit.

Austin Webb has a great team behind him. He’s been working with producer Byron Gallimore on Gallimore’s new label. You know Gallimore from his work with Tim McGraw and Sugarland.

Austin already had one single out on the charts, but he’s looking for one to enter the top 40.

Check it out.

Slip On By – Austin Webb

This one kind of reminds me of Craig Morgan’s Almost Home. It’s more the sound of it than the lyrics.

The lyrics in this one are about a guy that’s realizing that he shouldn’t let all the special moments in life get past him without enjoying them. He’s also looking back into the past to remember all the things he’s kind of missed over the years.

It’s good advice from the people in the song. You’ve heard it before in other songs, but this song has a new flavor. Austin has a fresh voice. There is a little bit of an edge to it – a little rock and roll.

I’m not sure how it will do on the charts. We’ll have to see. It seems like Austin has the chops to really put on a great show. He’s working with a great producer so it wouldn’t surprise me if this song or one in the future becomes a big hit.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #30

CML Points: 80/100

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