Backwoods Boys by Charlie Farley

Charlie Farley

Charlie Farley is back with a new video.

I’m a fan of the folks over at Average Joes.

It’s pretty cool how they’ve been able to build their own empire all while be shunned by the mainstream country world. They may sound different, but they’re making country music that plenty of people want to hear.

Check out the new video from Charlie Farley.

Backwoods Boys – Charlie Farley ft. Daniel Lee

There are some familiar lyrics here, but the sound is different. Sometimes Average Joes has been in your face, but it’s pretty cool when they lay things back to more of a chill groove.

Now I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. There isn’t much to do other than hang out around town with your friends. This is the kind of music we listened to. It was good background music for all the things going on in life back then.

Now this music makes me think about those times. That’s kind of the power of music.

I know these boys are singing about life in the South, but I’ll let them know right now that life isn’t much different in rural Wisconsin. That’s probably why there are all kinds of country music fans in Wisconsin.

Cool song here. I think the video will do very well.

CML Points: 80/100

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