Ranking The Best Garth Brooks Songs | Part 1

Garth BrooksWith over a hundred million albums sold, millions of concert tickets sold, and a place in all country music fans hearts, Garth Brooks has arguably had the biggest impact on country music ever.

Garth Brooks brought a little rock and roll to his live show and as a result fans fell in love with him. He swung from the rafters. He sprinted from one side of the stage to the other as sweat dripped down from his forehead to his bright, striped shirt. And then he would slow things down, dim the lights, and sit right next to the front row and play one of his classic ballads as the fans sang every word back to him.

Maybe that’s what really connected Garth Brooks with so many music fans across the world – his passion.

But I’m sure if you asked Garth what was able to connect him with his fans is the songs. He is a humble guy that wanted to bring as much of himself and his music to as many people as he could. And he often gives credit to the songs – the melodies and lyrics that he and others wrote. Brooks grew up during the singer-songwriter days in the ’70s and part of that influence worked into his songs and albums.

Often when we think of Garth Brooks we think of the number of albums he sold. But to many there is often one song that brings back a memory, a place, a time in a fans life that meant something special to them. Garth Brooks touched his fans with his songs.

Let’s take a look at 50 of those songs as we count down to #1…

50) The Night I Called The Old Man Out

A rocking song about a cocky kid standing up to his old man for the first time. It’s a classic story most sons and fathers go through. It’s a part of life and part of taking the step into adulthood for most guys.

49) Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy

Brooks’ career often ventured into the cowboy and rodeo world. He was a guest on this Chris LeDoux hit. The song reached the country singles top ten and introduced the influential LeDoux to the country music world in a big way. Garth was hitting his big stride at the time and he was paying tribute to the most influential person and the one Brooks credits for the way he performs live.

LeDoux was the one to blast out of the stage and Garth took that passion to his own live shows.

Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy is pure fun and entertainment. It’s a great example of the cowboy music genre.

48) The Red Strokes

Known more the video, The Red Strokes was a single that never really took off on the charts. Country fans always remember the buckets upon buckets of red paint that fell on Brooks in his white suit and his white piano.

47) One Night a Day

One Night a Day saw the range in Garth Brooks’ emotion. The song is a swooning, almost Sinatra-like groove. The song found a small place in country music probably due to the popularity of Brooks at the time. It was a bit of a stretch especially with the sax solo, but that was Garth. He tried to connect with fans in as many ways as he could.

46) Do What You Gotta Do

Towards the end of the ’90s most fans were realizing that Garth was winding down his career. He was still putting every effort into promoting his album Sevens and his live album Double Live, but we were seeing him less in public and as fans would later find out he was going through some turmoil in his marriage. Do What You Gotta Do was a later hit off of Sevens and the song is fairly forgettable among so many other standards from Garth, but it is still heard every once and awhile by hardcore fans that go through and listen to his entire albums.

45) Squeeze Me In

Garth Brooks had an infatuation with Trisha Yearwood and he always seemed to want her to really put some emotion into her singing. The two sang on a few big hits. Squeeze Me In came in the early ’00s and the song had a small impact on the country charts. The vocals have Yearwood really belting it out and Garth tries to keep up.

44) It’s Midnight Cinderella

A hit single off of Garth’s Fresh Horses album, It’s Midnight Cinderella is a catchy tune that bordered on cliche at the time. It likely had its impact on the charts due to Garth riding high at the time. The album didn’t sell as many copies as his previous albums and Garth made his frustration known to his label. Perhaps it was the songs on the collection, but a few are still heard today.

43) Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy

Garth had a spot in his heart for Christmas and he recorded a lot of the standards. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy is probably the most played Garth Christmas song each holiday season. Brooks put a little rocking vibe into the song. Kids are able to sing along and fans still look forward to hearing it each season.

42) The Old Man’s Back In Town

Another Garth Christmas classic. This one is heard each year. Garth took a little twist on a classic and turned it into a big hit during the holiday season. It’s an uptempo, rocking tune that played right to Garth’s nature.

41) Why Ain’t I Running

A later single on the retirement album Scarecrow. This song was a favorite among hardcore fans. It wasn’t the highest charting single and there wasn’t much marketing power behind it, but it was unique among other songs on the charts at the time and unique among other Garth songs. For die hard fans it holds a strong place in the GB collection.

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If a song on the list means something to you, please share your story in the comments…

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