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Garth BrooksGarth Brooks is the best of the best in country music. His influence on country music fans is unmatched. Brooks has both a passion for making memorable music while also realizing the importance of taking music to the largest audiences possible. Garth’s mission was to take his music to the furthest corners of the world as he set out to sell the most records in history. His albums sold by the millions. Country music had never seen numbers like the ones Garth was selling with his music.

Today, Garth is a little more out of the limelight than during his big days. It doesn’t seem to phase him though. He’s taken time away from stardom to make sure his family has him available for all their needs. He has released the occasional new single to promote a collection of his hits. He’s performed a big run of shows in his home state to promote The Ultimate Hits. He’s also performed a couple nights a week for an acoustic run in Vegas.

Garth has been a popular figure for more than twenty years and it seems like he can come back and retake his place at the top of the charts anytime he feels like it.

And fans will continue to pay attention to what Brooks has to share because success in his business always comes down to the power of the songs. And Garth has a collection that is nearly unmatched in history.

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Now let’s take a final look at the best Garth Brooks songs: 10-1…

10) Unanswered Prayers

Garth Brooks was flying high and coming off the smash success of The Dance and Friends In Low Places when he released Unanswered Prayers. The song is the story of a man finding his way back to his roots at a get together. He runs into an old flame and remembers that he once would give anything if she were to become his forever. The song takes an interesting look at life, destiny and the way things seem to always work out for the best. Sometimes it’s the things that don’t happen, the wishes that don’t come true that lead to the best outcomes in our lives.

9) Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up)

The first single from In Pieces saw Garth Brooks busting out of the radio, TV, and stage with a nonstop, rocker of a tune that had fans trying to keep up with the lyrics. The song was a smash hit with fans. It raced to the top of the country charts and had fans on their feet holding their breath as they watched Garth run around the stage during his live shows.

8) Learning To Live Again

Not one of Garth’s hits that gets a lot of play on radio these days, Learning To Live Again is an emotional song that connected with a lot of lonely fans during the song’s run on the charts. The song tells the tale of a newly single man trying to get through each day as he tries to learn to live his life without the woman the things he became so accustomed to having.

7) If Tomorrow Never Comes

The song that took Garth to the top of the country singles charts for the first time, If Tomorrow Never Comes takes people through the thought of what would happen if the unthinkable happened today. The song was an instant classic for the fans that had something to live for. Garth admitted that during the song’s run on the charts that he and his band were falling to the pleasures of the road and that one night on stage he was overcome with the emotion of guilt when he tried to play this song. He broke down and told the crowd the details of what he was doing and when he and the band finally broke out into the song he gave one of his best performances ever. The crowd gave him a big ovation and he left to go talk with his wife.

6) Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

It’s unknown to most that the career of Garth Brooks struggled out of the gate. The promotion team at Capital Nashville had given up on Brooks’ first single Much Too Young by the time it was in the top forty and they were ready to move on. However, Garth and his management team believed that this was the song that would launch his career. Brooks and his manager hired a promotion team on their own dime and together they worked to push the song into the top ten. Now the song – a story about an aging rodeo cowboy – is a classic among Garth’s hits and still has a place on country radio today.

5) That Summer

Others may rank That Summer a little lower in the ranks of Garth’s hits, but the song strikes a chord with country music fans. The song tells the tale of a young kid finding first love with an older woman. The steel guitar wanes in the background and the melody is catchy. Brooks puts all of his emotion into the chorus he co-wrote and the song has something about it that is endearing even after all the time that’s passed since it reached #1 in 1993.

A few years after this song was released Deana Carter gave woman their coming of age tale with Strawberry Wine, but That Summer was the coming of age story for men across America.

4) Friends In Low Places

The song that launched No Fences and took Garth to the pinnacle of success in country music, Friends in Low Places is a national country music anthem. Previously recorded by country music traditionalist Mark Chesnutt, the song became a classic when Garth brought his attitude to the sing along chorus. With a few simple guitar chords to open up, the song begins with Garth telling the story of a good old boy telling an ex-lover that he’s doing just fine on his own with his good buddies.

If you find yourself at a wedding, dancehall, high school dance, or hunting club somewhere in the US you’ll probably find a few guys singing along (possibly after a few cold drinks) to the lyrics of Friends in Low Places.

3) Standing Outside The Fire

In Pieces was a huge album for Garth Brooks. Sandwiched right in the middle of single releases from the album was the anthem Standing Outside the Fire. The song’s video found a mentally challenged boy fighting to compete and finish a race at an event. The power of the song was in the vocals and the emotion Brooks put into every note. The song is uplifting. The song connects with people every where. But most importantly the song is an inspiration for so many across the world that need just a little push to take their lives to the next level.

2) The River

Garth Brooks always put his personal favorite song at the end of each album. When he released his third album Ropin’ The Wind that song was The River. The song is a simple metaphor for the paths we all take in our lives. Brooks co-wrote the song and he aptly described the struggles and success each person goes through. The song has a beautiful arrangement and music. The song serves and an inspiration to many. Even today you can attend graduation ceremonies or similar events and find The River as the anthem song.

I’ll never reach my destination if I never try

Such a simple lyric, but a powerful message in a song that is one of Garth’s personal favorites.

1) The Dance

In an interview, Garth Brooks proclaimed that The Dance was a song that may have been the turning point to his career. He truly believes that the release of the song as the fourth single from his debut album was the reason he vaulted into superstardom with his subsequent releases. Ty England, Garth’s friend and former band member stated that the song has such a simple yet powerful lyric. From the opening music to the final note, The Dance is one of the most well-known songs in country music history. It means many things to many people and it’s that simplicity in the meaning that connected with so many across the world.

Thankfully, fans were lucky enough to have The Dance be part of their lives and thankfully Garth was able to take his career to the ultimate heights of success as a result of its release.

Thanks for following the countdown. Share your final thoughts on the best songs of Garth Brooks with everyone in the comments.

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  1. Karen says

    What is title of song about summer marquee affair and love child is 10 years old they meet again at a concert. Leaves sum of money to him. Title of song please.

  2. says

    I don’t know if I know that one, Karen.

    Is it a Garth Brooks song?

    If anybody knows please share. I’ll try to see if I can figure it out. Any other details about the song? Any lyrics?

  3. Grant A says

    that song is called “that ol’ wind”
    another great song is “the change” by Garth Brooks

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