Big and Rich Find a Fake ID

Big & Rich are back.

Big Kenny and John Rich might be looking to regain their perch on top of country music. It’s been four years since the guys had a single on the charts as a duo. Since that time John Rich released a top 15 single along with a solo album. Big Kenny also released an album – an eclectic set that featured a top 40 hit on the charts.

Recently, John also won the business show Celebrity Apprentice showing his ongoing talent at all sorts of business and management. Perhaps it’s with the rise in stock in each of their careers for the reunion with a new single.

Fake ID is the new track, but it doesn’t seem to be a complete comeback just yet for Big & Rich.

Listen to Fake ID and see what you think…

Fake ID – Big & Rich

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It’s like 2003 all over again and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Big & Rich brought their own attitude to country music in the mid ’00s and really changed the landscape of country music for a few years. It seemed like for a good two or three years the guys had their own songs or songs they had written all over the charts.

Fake ID definitely falls in line with previous songs from the guys. It’s about a couple guys (or maybe just one guy…or maybe a group of kids) looking for fake IDs.

Big and RichHas that ever been you?

Usually when you’re at the ages of 17 to 20 you feel left out. You’re an adult in many respects, but for this time period you still can’t get access to the alcohol that can add some fun to the good times. You also can’t get into some of the concerts at the local bars.

That’s the premise of the song is about a guy trying to buy a fake ID from some guy that makes them. The kid is trying to get his ID so he can head to the local bar to see a cool concert. If the kid is 20 years old he probably has friends that can already get in. He might feel a little left out. And he’d pay anything to have the same access.

It’s risky business, but that’s how life is when you’re about 20 years old.

Now you may be wondering where the topic of the song came from. While I’m sure Kenny and John have had their fair share of runnings with fake IDs in the past the song’s topic has to come from the new remake of the movie Footloose. Big & Rich’s song Fake ID will be featured on the soundtrack to the movie – due out in the fall. The song should provide a nice run up to the movie as the track heats up the charts this summer.

The original movie was a classic with many great songs. It sounds like this remake version will have a little country twist. And with Big & Rich on the soundtrack I’m sure there will be plenty of boot stomping dancing.

And one last thing…pay attention to the background vocals. You’ll hear Big & Rich’s old buddy Gretchen Wilson. The Mafia is back.

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