Change My Mind Album by Billy Ray Cyrus

Change My Mind Album

A big album for Billy Ray Cyrus.

Sometimes you just have to go back to your roots.

Billy Ray Cyrus has been a busy man over the last 20 years. When he first came on the scene he instantly turned into the biggest thing in music. You couldn’t turn on the radio or go to a club without hearing Billy’s hit single. It was a smash all over the world.

Billy continued to find success with subsequent hits. From there he became and actor and along the way he became part of a popular family. His daughter has found success and is grown up with a family of her own now.

Billy released a new album recently and I would call it a comeback album, but Billy has been steady with music for his entire career. If you look at his discography you’ll realize that the guy is always working. You would figure with everything going on that he wouldn’t have time for music, but he releases new music all the time.

It’s for that reason I think you have to realize how much Billy Ray loves making country music.

That emotion comes through in this album.

Here’s a track by track review of each of the new songs.

Change My Mind – Billy Ray Cyrus

Overall, this record is rocking. It’s what Billy Ray has always been about. He plays music with feeling and emotion. He turns up the volume and his powerful voice comes through. It’s exactly what you would expect, but there are new sounds here. It’s a strong album.

Billy is making music because he loves it now and you’re missing out if you don’t give it a shot.

1. Change My Mind

The title track sets the tone for the record. It’s rocking and it gets your attention. This is the perfect opener for a song (or maybe for a tour?).

2. Once Again

This one has a long intro. It sounds like a rock track. There is no doubt Billy has some influence from the rock halls across his home. You know he spent some time in those places playing country rock and roll.

3. Hillbilly Heart

We’ve looked at this one before here on the site. It’s a good one. You don’t have to take it too seriously. Billy is just singing about his life from back in the day. I think he was looking back on his life on this record.

4. Tomorrow Became Yesterday

This is an autobiographical album in many ways. Billy did quite a bit of the writing on it. You can tell this one has some retrospective in it. Billy is realizing that life is moving on and I think he’s coming to terms with it. He realizes that it’s all alright.

5. Good As Gone

I like this track. It sounds really good. It belongs on radio. I’m not sure if that will happen, but it deserves it. This could be a huge hit for Toby Keith. Heck, Billy was there in the early days when he and Toby were stars.

6. Forgot To Forget

There is loss in this song. You’ll feel some emotion here. Billy is talking about important things in his life and in his past.

7. That’s What Daddy’s Do

Here is a ballad. It’s a good one. You can tell from the title what it’s about.

8. Hope Is Just Ahead

Here’s a slow song. There are lots of sad things in life these days, but if you look hard there are some good things too.

9. I’m So Miserable

The title could throw you for a loop here, but it’s actually an old blues track. It sounds like something from way down in the Southern part of the country. It’s something you don’t really hear too much in the mainstream these days. Billy was making music for himself and things he figured a few people out there would like.

10. Stomp

The closer is a funky track. It sounds like something from the South. It’s also rocking and brings back memories of the early ’90s. Billy was a part of that. This song could have been from the early days or maybe something by Brooks & Dunn. It’s fun. It’s good.

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