Blacktop by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson Bluegrass

Alan Jackson has a little surprise with this song.

Fans were waiting patiently for Alan Jackson to put out a single or video from his new bluegrass album.

The wait was worth it because Alan didn’t just put out one great video. He put out two. Here is the second video from Alan’s brand new bluegrass record.

Blacktop – Alan Jackson

Bluegrass lyrics will usually make you think. This one makes you think in a different way. Much of the country you hear is about the good old days including many songs from Alan Jackson.

But this one seems to be a little different. It’s about how Alan doesn’t long for those good old days and how he liked seeing the blacktop laid down on the dirt roads. The only thing I can think about is that it’s a type of denial song. I’m not too sure.

This song certainly has more of a bluegrass feel than the other video Alan just released. There is more of a darker edge on this one. It’s really good. It’s something you can sing along with even if you’re not sure what it’s about at first.

The video was shot at the show where Alan first performed the new songs from the bluegrass album.

This one is certainly something different from the usual Alan Jackson.

What do you think?

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