Kick It In The Sticks by Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert is Taking Over Country

It’s been a huge year for Brantley Gilbert. He switched labels and re-released Halfway to Heaven. The album has now gone gold and has had two number one singles. Can Brantley make it three in a row?

From the sounds of it I think he will.

Kick It In The Sticks – Brantley Gilbert

There is something about Brantley Gilbert that is different. He certainly isn’t your traditional country singer. He is loud and proud of where he comes from. He’s not afraid to rock and even throw in that hardcore sound. It’s mean and messy. The sound of his music is completely out in left field from the traditional country sound.

But you know what? It’s awesome. I’m a huge fan and apparently there are tons of other fans out there.

This song is a re-release of a single Brantley released a couple years ago. Now that he’s a star I’m sure this song will go right to the top of the charts. It’s catchy and I know there are people out there that love to kick it in the sticks.

Brantley obviously spent a little time out in the picked corn fields drinking beer and hanging out with friends. That’s what folks do in the country or in the sticks as we call it. Brantley is from the South, but this song is universal. I think that’s what he’s found since his music has gone country wide.

Brantley has helped introduce a new genre of country music. He’s riding a wave of popular music right now and he was at the forefront of bringing it to the mainstream. I think his career is shooting up and up and there is nothing that can stop it. This new single sounds like another hit and I’m sure the folks out there think the same.

What are your thoughts on the new song from Brantley?

Are you going to have this one cranked up loud this weekend?

Chart Estimate: #1

CML Points: 88/100

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  1. elizabeth says

    hi my name is Elizabeth Howard i am your biggest fan i love your song KICKING IT IN THE STICKS that is my favorite song ever you are the best ever and that video is awesome………

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