50 Best Country Breakup Songs Part 3

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The Best Breakup Songs Part 3

30. Someone You Used To Know – Collin Raye

I was listening to the local country radio station a few years ago when the DJ came on and played a Collin Raye song. Collin had just played at a local festival that summer and the DJ said he had attended the show and was amazed at just how many hits he recognized from the singer. Back in the ’90s Collin Raye did have a bunch of hits especially ballads. One of those songs Someone You Used To Know is a heart breaking song about a guy coming off a breakup. She’s moved on with someone new and he’s trying to move on. That can be the most difficult part…being the 2nd one to find someone new.

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29. That Just About Does It – Vern Gosdin

Vern Gosdin was a huge, influential voice in country music. His roaring yet subtle song singing was powerful and it packed an emotional punch that country fans loved. His traditional style came through best on songs like That Just About Does It. The song is about a couple that’s been together for a while. They have lived together for a long time. He’s done his best in the past to keep things together by making promises. She’s tried to find the courage to stay, but now they both realize it won’t work out. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Mutual agreement on breaking up?

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28. Leave The Pieces – The Wreckers

The Wreckers came on the country scene strong just a few years ago. The duo of sassy and talented woman rocked the country world with their debut song Leave The Pieces. The sound was unique and the ability of the girls to sing and play a country song was evident. The girls sang their song about a breakup where the girl was being left behind. The guy was moving on and heading for a new life. He had broken the woman apart, but she’ll be able to put pieces of her life back together.

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27. Better Man Better Off – Tracy Lawrence

Tracy LawrenceIt’s not often a guy gets things right in the relationship. Here we have one of my personal favorite artists Tracy Lawrence singing a great country song about breakup. The guy in the song realizes his girl doesn’t love him the way he cares about her. He can see it. He can feel it. He knows the breakup is the best thing for the both of them. It’s going to hurt him and probably hurt for a while, but he knows in the long run he’ll be better off and a better man. That takes some guts and some real understanding.

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26. I Breathe In, I Breathe Out – Chris Cagle

Chris CagleChris Cagle wasn’t the best country singer during his run of success on the charts in the ’00s. He had his rocking breed of country, but he slowed things down and captured the hearts of Cagle Heads with his emotion and passion. The song that shot him to stardom was I Breathe In, I Breathe Out. It caught the ears of nearly all country fans during its release and became a huge hit. It’s about a guy struggling to get by now that he’s apart from his love. He does a little each day to get by and keep moving forward. Sometimes that’s all we can do. Improve a little with each breath.

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25. Almost A Memory Now – Blackhawk

Blackhawk is one of my favorite bands of all time. Their songs in the ’90s changed the way I thought about country music. The melodies and harmonies these guys created were the best in the business. They aren’t often recognized as one of the best country bands of all time, but listen to their greatest hits and you’ll realize. Almost A Memory Now is one of their songs that captures you. Even if you’re hearing it for the first time you’ll be singing along by the end. It’s about a guy that’s seeing his woman leave. Even though she’s not even gone he realizes she’s almost a memory. He can see the breakup happening right before his eyes and he can’t do anything to stop it.

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24. She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) – Jerry Reed

Before I got to really know country music my Dad showed me the movie Smokey and the Bandit. The movie had cool guys running from the cops. Fast cars and getting away from the cops…there’s nothing better. I only later learned that co-star in the movie and truck driving Jerry Reed was a country star including the great country hit She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft). The song is a classic. It’s not the sorrow song more than an almost ridiculous laugh at your own situation song. The guy is stuck at home eating bologna wondering how he can owe more in support and alimony than he makes in a month. It can be typical for those guys in the breakup and divorce situations.

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23. Good As I Was To You – Lorrie Morgan

Have you ever caught the one you loved red handed with someone else? Lorrie Morgan sang Good As I Was To You about just that situation, but the woman in the song didn’t get angry…she was more disappointed in what had happened to her. How could a guy do this to her after the way she treated him? Was there really someone else out there better than her? These are the kinds of questions people ask when they feel they’ve been wronged in breakup situations. The mood was captured perfectly in this song from the great Lorrie Morgan.

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22. It’s A Little Too Late – Tanya Tucker

This song from the great Tanya Tucker is not a breakup song in the traditional sense. This was is kind of foreboding as the narrator is getting involved with a guy despite everything everyone in her life is telling her. They say he’s a bad guy and will break her heart. He’s done it before with lots of others and she’s next in line. Can it be the recipe for disaster or will she be the one to change his ways? From my experience the odds are good for a breakup in the future.

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21. She Used To Be Mine – Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & DunnBrooks & Dunn were originally known for their rocking country songs. They kicked some butt with their attitude and swagger, but what really cemented the guys as superstars was their ability to write and sing ballads. The guys captured heartbreak and sorrow in their songs as well. She Used To Be Mine is one of those songs. It’s about a guy that’s wronged his woman in the past. It doesn’t matter if the wronging was cheating, not putting in the effort, or anything else the fact is he wronged her and she moved on. He had no idea what was wrong until it was all gone.

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