50 Best Country Breakup Songs

Breaking up is hard to do.

Life has ups and downs. For some breakups are the down periods. When one person in the relationship isn’t ready for things to be over it can be difficult. Breakups are hard for both parties no matter how things go down.

In the best situations breakups are good for both parties. Sometimes a relationship can be a rut for both people. It can be positive for both to move on and change their lives for the better.

No matter what the situation is in a specific breakup the emotion has likely been covered in a great country breakup song.

Here is a list of the best country breakup songs.

Breakup Songs

50. Little Goodbyes – SheDaisy

The sisters of SheDaisy first caught a break in the music biz early on in the late ’80s. Their career never came to head back then and they later realized it was a blessing. In 1999, SheDaisy broke out with their debut country single Little Goodbyes. The song cracked the top three on the charts. The girls had something unique and they stood out at the time. The song Little Goodbyes had sass and attitude. It was about a woman leaving her man for good this time. She leaves her goodbyes all over the house in the form of unpaid bills, lipstick tubes, and CDs. It’s a great song with great images.

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49. Better Class of Losers – Randy Travis

When the guy or gal know it’s no longer worth living the lies and pretending to be someone they’re not it’s time to move on. That’s what the song Better Class of Losers is about. Randy Travis can sing the best country songs like no one else. This one is about a guy that’s spending his time with the uptown woman. He’s putting on the happy face for all her high class friends. He’s leaving his friends – that she calls losers – behind and finally he realizes it’s not who he is. He can’t live the lie with her anymore and he’s heading back to the people that care about him – the better class of losers.

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48. She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles) – Gary Stewart & Wade Hayes

This is one of my favorite country songs. I like both versions of the song. Gary Stewarts was the bigger of the two hits. In fact I’m not even sure many others know the Wade Hayes version. He recorded it for a tribute album to the country classics. She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles) is about a guy whose woman is out and about on the town. She’s flirting with all the guys and he knows eventually she’s doing things behind her back. He’s not man enough to break things off, but perhaps the relationship was over long before he even realized.

47. Settle for a Slowdown – Dierks Bentley

Dierks BentleyA woman is leaving Dierks Bentley. I’m not sure, but it seems women really love Dierks. In Settle For A Slowdown Dierks’ woman leaves him for her career and a seemingly better live. She heads out the door and down the road. Dierks is left standing in the rain wanting to see just the tap of a brake light. He wants to know she at least has a second thought to what she’s leaving behind as she breaks up with him. We never know if he sees that brake light, but chances are there is nothing. That’s how breakups can happen – over in an instant with no looking back.

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46. (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here – Shania Twain

Shania TwainShania Twain ruled the country world in the mid and late ’90s. Her songs were so awesome and so unique she had everybody buying her music and attending her huge concert shows. A song that was as big of hit as any was (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here. The song was an up tempo declaration for a woman that wanted to be taken seriously by a man. If he wasn’t in it for her and all the love she had to offer she was gone. This relationship got over before it even really began. That take some courage for someone to look at a situation and know it’s time to move on before things get too deep.

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45. Good As Gone – Little Big Town

Little Big TownNobody rocks the harmonies like Little Big Town. The group has been around for some years. Success has been here and gone and back again for the group. Something about their unique sound endears them to country fans though and Little Big Town will likely have a long country career. A hit for the band was the breakup song Good As Gone. It’s a snappy little tune about a narrator that realizes things are over. In fact, both people in the relationship know things are over and they’re as good as gone from each others lives. That’s how it works out sometimes – it’s over and there is really nothing more to say.

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44. Take Your Memory With You – Vince Gill

Vince Gill became known for his sorrowful heartbreak songs in the ’90s, but before that he had an up tempo break song called Take Your Memory. The song is about a guy whose woman is leaving him. She moving on and breaking up with him. Vince plays the narrator. He’s a big heartbroken with this breakup. He realizes it’s going to be difficult to forget about his former lover. He simply begs and pleads her to at least be kind enough to take her memory with her as she leaves. Sure it’s not possible, but it would make a lot of these breakups much more easy.

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43. Blame It On Your Heart – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless was one of the biggest country stars in the ’90s. Her hits went straight to the top nearly every time. One of those hits was Blame It On Your Heart – a passionate song with attitude that touched the nerves of all women that have been wronged in a relationship. Patty’s song ripped into the lying, cheating guy she was with. He was no good anyway and the up tempo song kicked him right in the teeth. Patty had the sass and the confidence to take over country music in the ’90s with songs like the breakup song Blame It On Your Heart.

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42. White Liar – Miranda Lambert

Miranda LambertLies and deceit often play a part in breakups. Miranda Lambert crafted her own tale of lies and breakups. White Liar became a top two smash hit on the country charts in 2009 and 2010. The song turned a corner for Miranda. She had struggled to find legit hits on the charts until this one neared the top. It took the clever little breakup song to get Miranda nearly to the top. The cleverness of the song was the little twist at the end where the narrator reveals that it wasn’t just her guy that was lying…she was lying a little too. Clever and fun all in the midst of a breakup. Genius.

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41. Please Remember Me – Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawIn 1999, Tim McGraw took a risk when he released Please Remember Me. The song was difficult to sing for anybody. It was a slower song and those are always kind of tricky. Everybody has a sad song and they’re difficult to succeed with unless they’re absolutely top notch. The song was a success though. It became a smash number one hit on the country charts and further established Tim as one of country greatest artists. The song is about a man and woman moving on to their next phases in life. They were together, but are now apart where the man can’t hurt her anymore in the perceived emotional sense. It’s a moving song. The guy wants to be remembered for the good things about him and not only the bad. It’s something we all can feel after a breakup.

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