Album Review: Bird In The Tangle by Brett Detar

Brett DetarHere at CML I like to mix it up with some new music from (relatively) unknown artists.

The independent music scene is stronger than ever since the discovery process is easier with the Internet. I thought I’d share my thoughts on some new songs from an artist that’s been popular in his own right for years.

The songs are folk sounding with plenty of country sounds as well.

Overall the new album from Brett Detar is a joy to hear. His voice is unique. When listening to the album it feels like you’re being transported back in time to the ’40s.

Listen and see what you think. And don’t forget to download your own free copy of Brett’s album on his site.

Download: Bird In The Tangle by Brett Detar

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Here are my thoughts…

Bird In The Tangle

Overall this album is perfect for the right kind of mood. You could take this record out and listen to it front to back on a Saturday morning as you do a few things around the house. It’s probably best to listen to it alone as that’s a recurring theme here. It’s a solid album with a lot of interesting and unique perspectives on life.

1. Empty House On A Famous Hill

If music can give you a visual the opening of this song surely does just that. When the music slowly comes in nice and smooth it sounds like a soft, cool breeze blowing across a southern porch swing. I picture myself sitting there rocking in the late afternoon just watching the birds dive through the field. I think the song’s words are about selling out and trying to give yourself to something else. It seems to have that feeling. I can’t be exactly sure, but I think the song’s music are its strengths.

Empty House On A Famous Hill

2. The Devil’s Gotta’ Earn

The pace picks up on this track and that makes sense. This song is about the devil after all. I like this track. It could be my favorite on the entire set. It’s got a purpose with the pace of the music. The moaning just after the chorus is interesting. The background vocalists make it sound like some creepy folk rock song from the ’60s. I don’t know if it was done on purpose. It seems like Brett lets his mood drive the songs and it works out well on this track.

The Devil’s Gotta Earn

3. It’s Only The Night

The tempo slows back down here. The song is about the darkness setting it. Brett plays the narrator reassuring someone that the darkness is only the night. It’s not the end. It’s a cool song. The music on this album is just spectacular. When you’re in the right mood this album can really be something special. This song is a highlight.

It’s Only The Night

4. Road to Ruin Woman

The title of this song made me smile. Maybe that’s a little cynical of me, but hey…life teaches you things. I’m trying to listen hard to hear what the lyrics are about. It’s not always easy, but I think Brett wants it that way. His songs are more about the sounds – the music, his voice, and how it all comes together. It’s a great sounding album.

Road to Ruin Woman

5. This City Dies Tonight

No country album would be complete without a leaving song. The guy is heading out of town and a relationship will die tonight. Country has always been about what really goes on in life. And leaving is something everybody experiences in their life. Sometimes we’re the ones leaving and other times people leave us. I guess the lesson is simple – people leave. And in this case this city dies tonight.

This City Dies Tonight

6. Coasts

Again, I can’t really tell what the song is about. It’s got a mid tempo feel to it. The song moves along with the soft instruments playing in the background. It definitely sets a mood. It’s almost like there is a feeling that something’s been done wrong here. Don’t give up. Keep things going for just a little longer and the time may come.


7. A Miner’s Prayer

Mining is big in the south. It’s a way of life for many. It’s a tough life with constant danger part of every day life. We have heard the stories of the miners and the tragedies over the years. We’ve also heard the stories of the families and how their lives are changed in an instant when something goes wrong. It happens all the time and with the demand for mining still high it will likely continue. And as long as it’s going on there will always be a miner’s prayer.

A Miner’s Prayer

8. Cocaine Whiskey and Heroine

Obviously this title catches your attention. Why do musicians always have to sing about drugs? I’m ok with it, of course, but there has always been this connection over the years – for bette or for worse. The song actually caught me by surprise. It’s quite upbeat and peppy. It kind of makes you want to get out on the dance floor and start kicking the dust around. It’s a fun song. Forget the lyrics for a while and just enjoy the beat.

Cocaine Whiskey and Heroine

9. We’re Broken But We’ll Never Be Alone

Here’s another upbeat track. I like this one. It sounds more like a modern day country song. It’s got a little beat to it that makes you feel pretty good. There is hope in the lyrics on this song. The lyrics hit again on the thought of leaving, but in this case we’ll never be alone. That’s probably an important lesson to understand in life. WE’re never alone.

We’re Broken But We’ll Never Be Alone

10. Caged Bird

It’s a sad song. You get to hear Brett’s voice front and center as the music takes a backseat. It’s a cool song to put on the tail end of the record. It’s a little haunting, but it makes you pay attention.

Caged Bird

11. This World Ain’t Got Nothing

The last song on any album is always important. I’d say Brett found a good one to end with. The song has a little different feel than a few of the previous songs on the collection. There is a little disappointment in the lyrics. The album is good and it give the world a little something.

This World Ain’t Got Nothing

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