Bryan White Is Still Making Great Music

Bryan WhiteIt’s been ten years since Bryan White released his first Greatest Hits album. The collection of classic country hits marked the end of a that phase in White’s career. At only 25 years old, Bryan decided to take a little time off from constant recording and touring. He married and had two songs in the years that followed.

Today, Bryan is back in the music game. He has new music and he’s back touring regularly. While the status isn’t superstar like it was back in the 90s, Bryan White seems to be extremely happy with the way his career is going. He connects with fans on Twitter (@Bryan_White) and even responds to inquiries. He recently let me know that he would be in Oshkosh, WI at Country USA.

Bryan is busy with other activities besides just playing guitar and entertaining crowds with his great voices. He’s out playing a little golf as well. Check out the photos from the recent Golf & Guitars event.

Bryan is also showing up in major country music news. Here is a recent interview from The Boot with Bryan White and his pet peeve – crazy drivers.

It’s great to see Bryan out having fun again on tour as he performs. I never got a chance to see Bryan when he was out playing big festivals and shows when he was on top of the country world. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it over to Oshkosh to see him later this month.

Do you still love Bryan White’s music?

Share your favorite memories and thoughts in the comments.

And please enjoy Bryan’s latest video.

The Little Things – Bryan White

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