California Country by Moonshine Bandits

Moonshine Bandits

The boys are back with new music.

It seems like every act on Average Joes is experiencing success without radio play. Everyone at the label including the acts knows how to build an audience and get the word out. There are a million ways today to get noticed today without radio play. I know the Moonshine Bandits have a huge audience out there in California and throughout the nation.

This song sounds like another hit. Not necessary a radio hit, but a hit online and with fans live in concert.

California Country – Moonshine Bandits

There are some folks out there that will throw this song and others like it to the side of the pile, but I think it’s pretty cool what the Moonshine Bandits have been doing. There are always people out there that feel like they’re being ignored by mainstream music.

The Moonshine Bandits are creating songs that hardworking folks that like to have fun on the weekends can listen to. It’s not all about the slick modern pop country songs that play in most places. This music is for the people that get together with their friends and have a good time at home, on the farm or maybe out on the lake.

The Moonshine Bandits know their audience and they create the soundtrack to those good times. The work stays at work and the fun is there to be had with the Moonshine Bandits and all the other acts on Average Joes and other labels like it.

This is a good song that people love and that’s really what making good music is all about.

CML Points: 82/100

Dayne Shuda

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    Awesome article! The Moonshine Bandits are only going up from here! The last few cds released have been awesome! Looking forward to the new release in 2014! They sing real life, real times, and most importantly they are about family! #ShinerNation

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