Carrie Underwood Tells Mom Not To Worry

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood‘s latest single is for her Mama.

Mom and Dad are big parts of the lives of many folks. If not Mama and Daddy there are always some family member or friend that nurture and care for us as we try to find our way in life. And when the right time comes along we find ourselves finding love in a different kind of way. It’s not that new love replaces the love of our folks. New love simply adds another layer of happiness to our livevs.

Carrie’s latest is Mama’s Song. It’s a letter-type of song to her mom. She’s letter the person that raised her and taught her about life that she’s found a new love and he’s amazing.

This is yet another great song from perhaps the most successful female country artist…ever. Yes. I said it. Carrie Underwood needs to be in the conversation for the best female country artist of all time. Even though her run is still new and she only has three albums out she is on a run like no other in history. It’s amazing.

Mama’s Songis a slower song from Carrie. She still kicks out a few great notes and the song is memorable. It doesn’t stand out to me as much on radio as some of her other hits, but when  you set the bar so high as Carrie has done it’s difficult to keep raising it each time.

The bottom line is Mama’s Songis a great tune that will connect with lots of country music fans. This song will be played at tons of weddings for years. Carrie Underwood has given her fans a gift of a song that will bring joy, emotion, and love to special moments in their lives.

That is what artists do. They connect with fans on a personal level and really get into the emotional side of life.

Mama’s Songis a great song.

Please share your thoughts on Carrie’s latest.

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