One Star Flag by Casey Donahew Band

Casey Donahew Band

Casey Donahew Band

It’s time to rock. The Casey Donahew Band is back with a new single. This time the guys don’t slow down at all. The track is kicking in full gear and you better be ready to hit the dance floor and do some rocking.

One Star Flag – Casey Donahew Band

Just a few months ago I was introduced to the Casey Donahew Band. I was blown away. The guys have an album out right now that might be one of the best of the year. The songs on the collection are great including the latest single.

One Star Flag sees the narrator in the song telling the story about a guy that’s out there in the busy world trying to get by. He’s been going a little crazy recently and he’s ready to get back to Texas where his woman is ready for him. It’s driving him crazy being away from her and he’s doing all he can to tear home and see her.

What’s great about this song is how catchy it is. The song never lets up. It’s just as you’d expect. You feel like you’re in a hurry with the narrator to get back to your own significant other. It’s a roaring freight train of a song that keeps you on the edge of your feet. Or if you’re at the dancehall you’ll be out on the floor kicking your feet around like crazy. It’s a great song.

If you like this song from the Casey Donahew Band be sure to check out their entire album. It’s been one of my favorites of the last few months. The guys are huge in Texas and could be one of the biggest bands that doesn’t quite yet have a national following. Check these guys out because they could be the biggest thing in country music in a short while.

CML Points: 84/100

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