Country Stars Cover Chevy Van

Sammy Johns

Sammy Johns was a star. Courtesy of General Recordings.

Back around 1974 and 1975 there was a huge hit in the music world.

Chevy Van became an anthem for the laid back lifestyle of the late ’60s and early ’70s. People were just living the gypsy life and Sammy Johns had the perfect song for the era.

Vans were all the rage and Sammy wrote a story about the various encounters he’d had with a ladies across the country.

Chevy Van told the story of a chance meeting with a young guy and a young girl. They spent a night or two together in that van before he dropped her off in one of the small towns in America. She left her mark on the narrator and it is a memory he had for the rest of his life.

Sammy said the story in the song was a compilation of a few events in his life. It was the biggest and really only hit he had as a singer. He would later write big hits for John Conlee and others in country music.

Sammy fell on to hard times with drinking later in life, but we all fall into some kind of trouble along the way. It’s best to remember people for what they did right in life and with Sammy the great thing he left us with is this song.

If you were young in the ’70s you remember this song. It defined an era and a lifestyle. It’s something that probably won’t come back again and maybe that’s a good thing. Those of you can look back fondly and remember every time you hear the song.

I’m not sure why the news struck me so much. I have been playing the song over and over. A few country stars have covered the song over the years. It just proves the impact the song had on so many.

I still don’t think they can top the original, though. Sammy knocked it out of the park.

Sammy Johns – Chevy Van

Sammy Johns – Chevy Van (Life)

Eric Church – Chevy Van

Sammy Kershaw – Chevy Van

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