Let There Be Cowgirls by Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle Loves His Cowgirl

The Cagleheads are back in full force. Their favorite artist – Chris Cagle – has been riding back to the top of the charts. His album was just released this past week and it’s really good. I’m planning to review the entire set, but until then here is the next single from the album.

Let There Be Cowgirls – Chris Cagle

It’s been over 10 years since Chris first debuted on the charts. Back then he was different. Had a little extra twang in his Southern Rock style. It was good stuff back then and while his sound hasn’t changed much since he has grown as an artist. The songs are mature these days. The great thing about country music si the artists can grow and sing about what is happening in their lives. For Let There Be Cowgirls Chris is singing about his wife. She’s the cowgirl of his life and he’s proud to have her and others like her here in this world.

It’s a great song. The song is a little more rock than what other folks are doing these days. That’s just how Chris rolls. He’s ready to rock. He’s ready to put those little extra twangs at the end of a few words. He always does a little extra with his “ons” and “uhs”, but his fans go crazy. He’s one of a kind and has proven he still has what it takes to be a star in this game.

Chris is with a smaller label these days, but after Got My Country On reached #12 on the charts it seems like Chris can still find a hit. I would say this next one will reach about the same heights as the last. Chris’ shows are getting bigger once again. He even commented recently that he’s finding new fans. I guess radio still has the pull to bring in the new audience.

What do you think of the new Chris Cagle song?

Chart Estimate: #15

CML Points: 82/100

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  1. Corey says

    Great song and Album, I really hope it gets some radio play. Thank God She Left The Whisky,I’ll Grow My Own, Just Enough, and Something That Wild all have a lot of potential to be big songs. I’d recommend this Album to anyone especially if you like the old Chris Cagle because he sure hasn’t skipped a beat thats for sure.

  2. Robin Kerby says

    Let there be cowgirls is a great song, I like the rock edge it has and I think the stations should be playing it a little more.

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