Chris Young Loves You

Chris Young is one of country’s rising superstars.

After finding his way on his first album, Chris really came into his own on album number two. After three straight number one songs Chris released his third album just a few weeks ago. The album has been a hit thus far on the heels of his fourth number one song in a row.

Now Chris is ready for a second single from the album and with plenty of great songs to choose from it seems like he’s going with a winner.

Listen to You by Chris Young…

You – Chris Young

A few weeks ago I had the chance to review Neon and my thoughts were that You would be one of the singles coming up from the album. The song is just perfect for country radio right now. It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s romantic. Guys don’t get like this too often, but when they do the girls go crazy.

Chris YoungChris has fallen into the groove of writing and singing these really romantic, fun country love songs. They’re all about being a little naughty, a little nice, and turning on just the right amount of charm. The girls are loving it and even the guys are using the songs to express their emotions to their own girls.

For us guys it’s difficult to show or emotions. When it comes to love we have a hard time letting loose and letting our guard down. We don’t have any idea how to express our playful side. We needs songs like You to give us the inspiration and the vehicle to show how we really feel about you.

Chris Young is on a roll. I have nothing but good things to say about his choice for an upcoming single with You and if you get the chance check out the entire album. It’s full of great songs.

I’m sure you’ll find yourself turning to You on the track listing more than once, though. It’s one of the true standouts on the album.

Chris Young is rising to the top of country music and it makes me to happy because I love his music.

Way to go, Chris.

Download Neon – Chris Young

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