New Song – Let Me Go by Christian Kane

HIs fans called me out a bit the first time.

A few months ago I first wrote about Christian Kane. I think I said something about his pretty good acting career. Fans of the star soon corrected me by showing the extensive resume this talented performer has with both acting and singing.

It was in that first post we looked at Christian’s first single [easyazon-link asin=”B004EYXPZK”]The House Rules[/easyazon-link] – a rocking tavern song. Now we get the pleasure of checking out Christian’s official second single and I have to say…this one is a great and I mean great song.

Listen to [easyazon-link asin=”B004EZ1NJY”]Let Me Go[/easyazon-link] by Christian Kane…

Let Me Go – Christian Kane

Now that’s a country song.

Christian KaneThis is the reason I love country music – the stories. It’s the stories like the one Christian Kane tells with [easyazon-link asin=”B004EZ1NJY”]Let Me Go[/easyazon-link]. The song is about a young girl and guy. The guy is heading off on the road. He’s a self described drifter not sure where he’s going. He just knows he has to get away although he doesn’t seem to be sure what he’s running from.

The girl fights back telling him he’s afraid of love and they are meant to be together. He comes back with the line that she’s too good for him. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he’s deserving of her.

And that’s when the powerful emotion hits…

The girl says she doesn’t care about all that stuff. She loves him and she knows he loves her. And that’s all that matters. In the end it seems they’ll run away together no matter what.

Now that’s a country love story.

And Christian Kane was the perfect singer to share it. He does a great job on [easyazon-link asin=”B004EZ1NJY”]Let Me Go[/easyazon-link].

It turns out Jason Michael Carroll also had a version of this song on his last album. That track is good too, but there is really something catchy about this Christian Kane character.

I think he’s going to have a hit on his hands pretty soon with this song.

What do you think?

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Dayne Shuda

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  1. says

    I love 99% of Christian’s music but this one has always been one of my top five. I honestly think it can compete against any country song AND crossover to rock as well (not comparing him to Taylor Swift though lol) The story is one a lot of people can relate to even if not in the specific details. We’ve all either had someone too good for us or been with someone who thought we were too good for them and its a tough breakup. Like Making Circles – been there, done that! But I love Let Me Go and see it going all the way to the top of the charts very soon.

    And we can all say ‘we knew him when…’ when it happens! Go for #1 Christian! Or at least, #7! :)

  2. says

    @Ali Kat – This song rocks. It’s converted me completely to a Christian Kane fan.

    And I never thought I’d see Christian and Taylor mentioned on the same post, but if it means that kind of success for Christian I’m all for it. :)

  3. says

    hahah I know! I kinda went omg – did I just do that??? But I meant the crossover bit.

    Check out his earlier stuff on his website (the Live CD) Awesome! And if you see him live – totally amazing 😀

  4. flo_purdy says

    This one gets so much repeat play on my iPod, one of my absolute favorites of Christian’s.

    Like my friend AliKat said, it’s a story that nearly every damn one of us can relate to, and it’s got great crossover potential.

    I totally see this one pushing Christian to the top. Perfect choice for a second release off the CD.

  5. Dee Kaye says

    Thanks for the great review. I agree wholeheartedly, Christian’s next single off of his CD is a great song indeed, and well worthy of not only praise but lots of radio play in the near future, hopefully! Actually the whole CD is quite worthy of equal praise. No question this man is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his music.

    Again thanks for taking the time to post this, and for the positive comments you made!

  6. Melody Van Gundy says

    Wow……Never Heard this one…Awesome is nowhere close to describe it. Man, I can’t wait to hear him on the radio here in Florida!

  7. Abby Knoblauch says

    LOVE Christian Kane (and Kane, in general). First heard him sing on Angel many years ago and was obsessed with his voice. Acoustic Live in London is one of my favorite cds and this new lp is pretty much excellent.

  8. Teresa says

    I don’t consider this a new song to me, I’ve been listening to CK for a couple of years now. I love this song! It hits me just like Garth’s “The Dance”. Love the emotion he puts into it and all his music.

  9. Stacey says

    Fantastic review! Christian has so much to offer the music world. Saw him and Steve Carlson do an acoustic set live in Snoqualmie, WA last October and it just showcased the pure talent there. I love how he can go from ballad to rock to pure country and hit it out the park every time!

  10. Emily says

    I fell in love with Christainn Kane as an actor and remember when he sang on “Angel”, thinking this guy should be singing seriously… little did I know he had been and now we all get to enjoy the ride, He is awesome and his music both makes you feel good and moves you, what else can you ask? I am a Christian Kane fan for the long run!!

  11. Melissa says

    Loved your review! Can tell you really ‘get’ CK! He has an amazing voice and can sing anything but extra beautiful in country! His voice is especially wonderful on this song as he sings both the boy and girls point of view so well you can just see the story happening in front of your eyes! I consider his voice just perfection in general but it really shines here. If this isn’t a giant hit then there is something wrong in the universe! Thanks again for a wonderful review!

  12. freezingingrandrapids says

    Love his music.. he’s also a great person..with an incredible band and manager.. they deserve all the success that’s coming..

  13. Patti says

    Thanks for your great article! I love this song, especially with the double meaning of the title-“Let Me Go”-in the song. That twist makes it a great song!

    The day after Christian releases this song, you can catch some more of his better than “pretty good acting” on the new season of Leverage.:)

  14. CandyMaize says

    Loved the write up. “Let Me Go” is a great song – Christian knocks it out of the park.

  15. Jenn says

    Thanks for a great review. Christian is very talented with both his acting and music. I can’t wait to hear this song played on the radio. It just has so much more meaning then listening to it on my ipod. I have been a Kaniac for years and I don’t ever see that changing

  16. Alikitty619 says

    “Let Me Go” is the #1 played song on my ipod. My whole top 5 played is Christian Kane.

    This song is amazing. The story it tells is beautiful and Christian really knocked it out of the park singing it.

    The only thing I like better is seeing him play it live.

  17. Heather says

    Let Me Go is one of my very favorite Kane songs! It is my VERY favorite to hear live because every person in the audience know the words and you can hear everyone sing along. Check out any YouTube video of his live shows in Portland and you can hear it. It makes me proud to be a Kaniac! Christian is an incredible talent that always puts out great music. I’m lucky enough to live in Portland and go to as many live shows as I can. He never disappoints! I have one rule when going to a show and that is that I take one newbie everytime and no one has left without becoming a fan. Even friends who “don’t like country music” have fallen in love with him. It’s time he got recognized and got more air play. The only downside to his growing success is that the days of the local $13 bar shows will soon giveaway to $50 arena tickets. But, if anyone deserves a break, it’s Christian! He’s a tremendous talent with a heart of gold who truly loves his fans and we’ll do whatever it takes to help him get his music to the masses!

  18. Trae says

    Have a listen to “Making Circles” sometime… if you weren’t a convert… you will be… Perfect song… would make a perfect video… Love is a dance, and it’s not always the man who leads…

  19. jessa says

    I love this song from Christian. When he sings it or you listen to it you can hear the passion coming out from him and the strong feeling of how much he loves country music

  20. Sara says

    Thanks so much for this wonderful review!!

    As much as i love Christian’s music this is one of the few songs that really gets to me.
    Every single time i listen to it.
    “Let Me Go” is a fantastic song and an amazing choice for the second single. Everybody should give it a listen.
    Cause if this song dont convince the last skeptics that he’s a fantastic musician/singer than there’s something wrong in this world.
    I’ve heard him do this song acoustic last year in London and man, i got goosebumps all over (and still do when listen to it)
    He pours every single emotion into the words and reaches out and touches your heart.

    “Now that’s a country love story.
    And Christian Kane was the perfect singer to share it. He does a great job on Let Me Go.” <- Nothing to add!! ♥

  21. Jeannean says

    Thank you for sharing this great review. Christian Kane is so talented. You really need to listen to more of his music. It is really quite amazing. “Let Me Go” is one of my very favorite songs of his (and yes there are many). He is such a wonderful writer, singer, and actor. You might want to check out the season premiere of Leverage on June 26 if you want to see him act as well as a great show!

  22. Pam says

    Glad you’re catching on! Christian has a great voice and there are many other amazing songs on his CD that are worth listening to. I’m just sorry he doesn’t get to the eastern part of the country more often. I would love to see him live but New England is a long way from the west coast. Finger’s crossed. Thanks for the great review.

  23. TequilaKaniac says

    I have LOVED this song for a few years now..was lucky enough to first hear it accoustically 4 years ago at a convention in the UK,just him his writing partner Steve Carlson and 2 guitars… so was really pleased to see it pop up on the album.

    he puts such heart breaking emotion into the song both live and recorded that it literally raises goosebumps…i’m also hoping there will be a video shot for this as well combining BOTH talents(bet i’m not the only one).

  24. Deborah says

    Thanks for giving Christian such a good review. Us Kaniacs know there is a lot to love about this man. He is a wonderful, loving, down to earth cowboy who puts his heart and soul into his music.
    I love this song (well, I love all his songs) and think it should raise up the charts and give him the attention he deserves!

  25. Kathryn says

    Have been following this boy for years. He has yet to do a song I didn’t REALLY like, but I admit that Let Me Go is one of my favorites. His voice and the emotion in it really grabs me, his lyrics are great (he writes a lot of his songs) and the instrumentation fantastic. His CD The House Rules didn’t have one sleeper song on it. The best CD I’ve heard in a long time. He also can act. Yes, great at the stunts, which he does all himself, but he really can ACT.
    Thanks for the great review. Christian is long over due for recognition.

  26. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the great review for Christian! He’s awesome … I am totally hooked on his music. Check out his earlier stuff too – “Accoustic Live in London” (released under the “Kane” band name) features CK and his guitarist, Steve Carlson, singing some of their earlier songs to just the guitar accompaniment. I got the album on someone else’s recommendation, not knowing anything about the music. So I put it on in the car one day, and was only about half listening, and then the guys started harmonizing on the chorus of “More Than I Deserve.” I rewound that about four times, and then listened to the song through a couple more times, then started the album over! LOL HOOK, LINE and SINKER! Great sound, and I hope we hear a lot more from Christian and his band in the future!

  27. Jenn says

    I have been a Christian Kane fan from the very beginning and Let Me Go is without a doubt my absolute favorite CK song! I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that they are finally releasing this as a single! Let Me Go has it all and then some, everything that a country song is about. This one should propel him to the Country Music Stardom that all us Kaniacs know he deserves!

    The 27th is going to be one heck of a great birthday for CK :) I am so happy to be going along for this ride! Now if only he could get he and his band to the Northeast for a show 😉 Congrats on the new single Christian.

  28. cheyenne says

    listen to this song everyday i’m falling in love with this song and i like Christian’s version way better its tell’s a amazing story i just love it i maybe young but i believe i know great country and this song is amazing congrats on the new single its really good

  29. Jessica says

    Thanks for the great review. Let Me Go is just one of his fantastic songs. I don’t like country music, but I love every one of his.

  30. says

    This little nugget is completely unrelated to music, but entirely related to Christian Kane.

    From the site Reddit an actor discussed her great experience while on Leverage.

    Per request, I am former All That Cast Member (Lisa Foiles). AMA

    Q: Alright you probably want to talk about All That, but my questions is did you talk much with the people on Leverage? How are they all in real life?

    A: SO sweet. The entire cast and crew was absurdly nice. Christian Kane made a point of thanking me during my last day of filming. I love when actors are real people.

  31. Jenn says

    Dayne, that’s the Christian we all know and love!! He’s one of the few actors/singers who are incredibly grateful for everyone and everything. He’s just a downright sweet guy who goes out of his way to thank everyone and he treats everyone with respect. How can you not love that/ I can’t wait for CK to totally blow up the charts like we all know he will!

  32. Elsi says


    This is a nice review, I also love Christian´s music if you have some spare time I invite you to watch a Typography Animation I created as a token of my appreciation to a great actor and singer

  33. Suzanne says

    Nice Review…great song. I hope my local radio stations will pick it up soon. They are probably ready for me to stop calling them.

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