Chucks Wicks Releases Hold That Thought

Chuck WicksChuck Wicks is back with a new single and video.

Hold That Thoughtis Chuck’s first single from his sophomore album. Chuck gave an interview with Delaware Online where he discussed the new single and upcoming album (Smyrna native Chuck Wicks headlines in Dewey Beach tonight):

It (the new album) will come out at the end of September. For the past six months, I’ve been doing nothing but writing and basically living in the studio and making this second album. Now we are back out touring, and we just released that new single. And the video is doing great for that on CMT. We’re just getting ready to launch this new album. It has a lot different vibe, so I want to get out there in front of as many people as I can to show them the growth of where I started and where I am now as a songwriter. Right now, I’ve never felt like I’ve been in a better place musically or personally in my life.

Chuck is looking to build on the success of his debut album Starting Now. That set featured the top five single Stealing Cinderellaalong with two other hits.

Chuck’s romancing style comes across well on the country-pop flavored Hold That Thought. The single fits right in with romantic ballads on the charts right now and should see some high request traffic from the ladies in the audience.

The tone of the song reminds me of songs like Come A Little Closerfrom Dierks Bentley and the recent Sunshinefrom Steve Azar.

What do you think?

Does Chuck Wicks have another hit on his hands?

Will he avoid the ‘sophomore slump’?

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  1. Sherry Cloud says

    A new fresh sound. I love his voice & he is also very easy on the eyes. Sexy sound & sexy man!Love this song!

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