Album Review: Every Chance I Get

Colt Ford has a new album.

Colt FordThe formula stays the same on Every Chance I Get. Colt raps and some of his country buddies sing along on the chorus. The themes stay the same for the most part on the latest collection of songs, but there are a few interesting direction changes.

Colt set out a couple years ago to bring together the music he heard in the school parking lots – country and rap. Colt (real name Jason Brown) and his buddy Charlie Rymer discussed the old golfing days and Charlie talked about how he thought Colt was nuts for pursuing his country dreams.

Things are working out well and Colt keeps taking things to the next level with each album.

I’ve listened to the album a few times. Here are my thoughts…

Every Chance I Get by Colt Ford

Colt sticks to the same formula that’s bringing him growing recognition in the country world. He raps during the verses and his buddies sing during the choruses. It works out well to create some good stories mixed with catchy melodies.

I’d say the album is a winner from a complete overview.

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1. Country Thang with Eric Church (or Dallas Davidson)

You’ll recognize this one. It’s the first single from the album. The video is getting big play on CMT and Dallas Davidson sings on the single version while Eric Church joins on the album. It’s a cool song. This is the surefire single from the entire set. It’s catchy and fun to sing along to if you’re a good old country boy.

2. Work It Out with Luke Bryan

The tempo doesn’t slow down when bit for this track. Luke Bryan joins Colt on the song adds enough twang to make things country. It’s the story of a man and his wife. They try to work out their differences when the kids go to bed. With all the doings happening in life there isn’t much time to work things out, but time still needs to be made. Get things worked out and don’t worry about all the BS happening in life.

3. Waste Some Time with Nappy Roots

Here’s a cool track. The Nappy Roots and Nic Cowan join Colt on this track. The track is all about wasting time with a beautiful woman. Colt sings about dancing with the devil. He’s just a 300lb country boy trying to give his life to a woman all while having a good time. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

4. Do It With My Eyes Closed with Josh Thompson

This song starts out with an eery, slow tempo, but things pick up soon when the chorus comes in. Josh Thompson adds a bunch of attitude to this one. It’s a highlight on the album. The song is about how work can wear us all down, but when it comes to love our women most of us can do it with our eyes closed.

5. This Is Our Song with Danny Boone

This Is Our Song reminds me of the rap music my friends listened to in high school. Colt’s rap has the feel of the ’90s rap where the kids all tried to be tough and from the street. Colt looks for the catchy head nodding rap, though, and it’s a way for him to make good music. It’s fun to listen to if you don’t take it too seriously. Just nod along and enjoy the beat and listen to Colt tell his life stories.

6. Titty’s Beer with Trent Tomlinson

This is the track you’ll have to watch for if you listen at work. It’s fun to laugh at the lyrics, but it’s not work friendly when the boss or co-worker walks in. Come on though…who doesn’t love Titty’s? I’ll give Colt credit for this one – it’s a clever title for a song and if you don’t take yourself too seriously you can crank this one up in the parking lot.

7. She Likes to Ride in Trucks with Craig Morgan

This song has been getting a lot of attention in the lead up to the album. Colt said he wrote the song about his daughter. She’s more grown up now, but the song is about how she grew up and doesn’t need Colt to be there as much anymore. It’s the most laid back and sentimental album on the set. It’s a nice change of pace from the more in-your-face rap on the rest of the album. It’s a good beat and a different kind of rap you can get used to. Craig was a great choice for this song. He puts a lot of emotion into the chorus.

8. Pipe The Sunshine In with Tyler Farr

This one’s kind of funky. The beat has a different feel from the start, but I like it. I’d even call this one my favorite song on the entire album. For all the hillbillies sitting around the moonshine and simply enjoying life this is the track. Even if you’re just a good old country boy or gal this is the kind of track for Saturday night. Well done Colt and Tyler.

9. Every Chance I Get

A solo track from Colt. The title track has plenty of attitude about living the good life and enjoying temptation. After a while we all grow up…but that day can wait a little while longer. Colt still does it every chance he gets. He knows the time is coming, but when there’s a good time and a good woman involved you gotta throw down a little bit.

10. What I Call Home with JB and the Moonshine Band

Now here’s a track with a cool groove. It’s about Colt’s life on the road. He acknowledges all the fans that make him feel at home no matter where he is. He calls it all home, but he still enjoys heading back to the real place he calls home. I have to say on this one JB and the Moonshine Band do a great job on the big hook. It sounds just like a pop-rap song and I’d have to say that’s a good thing in this case. This one’s an easy going song with a good beat and a cool autobiographical story. It works. I love the nod to what seems like every state including my own Wisconsin.

11. Overworked & Underpaid with Charlie Daniels

Cool to see Charlie Daniels on this set. In the linked video above Colt mentions to his buddy Charlie Rymer that his music is really similar to what Charlie did back in the day. Hey, as long as there are people out there that love it, what’s the difference? This track is for the hard working country folks. Overworked and underpaid. The awesome fiddle makes it for me. Great addition from the fiddle king himself.

12. Skirts & Boots with Frankie Ballard

Newcomer Frankie Ballard joins on this rocking track about the good things in life – skirts and boots. Come on, who doesn’t love to see a girl in that short skirt with cowboy boots on? It can make for a fun Friday night out in the country. From afar the track could be seen as a little campy, but Colt and Frankie make it work. Colt was setting out to make good timing music and this track could be played in any country club around the country on a weekend night.

13. Twisted with Tim McGraw

We’re big timing now. Tim McGraw is in the house to add some superstar appeal to the set. This is not Tim’s first foray into rap. If you’ll remember he had a big time hit track with Nelly, Over and Over, just a couple years back. Tim sounds a little similar to that first step into rap. He sings a cool laid back chorus as the fiddle plays a sad tune in the background. The song is about a kid that’s got a lot on his shoulders. So many are dependent on him to make it as a football star. An interesting perspective for a country song.

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