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Colt Ford Back

Colt Ford hasn’t had much success on the country singles charts. He’s been looking to crack the top 30 for a few years. Despite not having a hit single to his credit Colt has been able to climb higher on the album charts with each release. Now he’s out on one of the biggest tours of the summer and his new record is getting ready to drop.

There is something intriguing about Colt Ford. The man does things differently and people love it. Check out his latest single with Jake Owen, Back.

Back – Colt Ford with Jake Owen

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Now that’s a great country song. It’s about the good old days. We all seem to have this interest in the past and we like songs that sing about the old days when things seemed more simple and easy. I’m not sure if it really was that way. After all, if that’s how it works then maybe we’re living the simple life right now as we’ll see it ten years from now.

It was cool that Jake Owen came on board with Colt for this song. Jake has been having an interesting year. He’s been engaged and in trouble with the law a little bit. There is nothing wrong with having a bit too much to drink and having a good time. In fact, I think we need a little more of that from our country artists these days. They’re all too rigid and people really don’t live that way. People make mistakes.

Maybe we can interpret this song in that way. Back when country artists had issues. They lived their lives the best way they knew how, but they had problems. They struggled to pay the bills. They struggled with love and family. There were real issues that made life interesting and we struggled, but loved life like anything else.

I’m excited about Colt’s new record coming out later this summer. I wish I could check out the tour, but I don’t think they’re swinging through my part of the upper Midwest.

If you get the chance go and check things out and report back on the show.

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