Fast Cars by Confederate Railroad

Confederate Railroad

The boys of Confederate Railroad are still rocking 20 years after they took over country music.

It’s a live video, but you can still see the great ability of the guys as they play and sing.

Back in the early ’90s Confederate Railroad became a huge band. They strung off a half dozen huge hits on the country charts. People still love hearing those songs on the radio today and it’s one of the reasons the guys have been able to tour for so long.

But don’t forget about their new music. They have a new song out there making the rounds. If you’re a true fan of the ’90s country scene you’ll want to check this one out.

Fast Cars, Guitars and Fine Tuned Women – Confederate Railroad

The title says it all. These guys have always liked to have fun and they found a big audience that liked doing the same thing back in their hey day. But this is 2013 and it’s hard to tell if people still like to have that same kind of fun.

I think there are still some of us out there and I think if you’re in that group you’ll like this song.

First of all, you can’t really hear the details of the song. The music is loud and the band is rocking, but through it all you can still hear a great melody. There is no doubt that these guys have always understood the importance of a good melody.

The song speaks to a few of the modern loves of country music fans – fast cars and fast women. It’s a fun song that celebrates the weekends. It makes you want to dance on the barroom floor on a Friday night.

What could be better?

CML Points: 80/100

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