Sheets Down by Connor Christian

Connor Christian Sheets Down

Check out this great new folk-country tune from Connor Christian & Southern Gothic.

Finding new artists is what we like doing here at CML.

We do what we can to find new music and new artists, but we also get emails about new artists.

An email about Christian Connor & Southern Gothic came through last week and after checking out the band’s new single it’s safe to say these guys have something unique. The sound is really interesting.

Listen for yourself.

Sheets Down – Connor Christian & Southern Gothic

It’s really interesting. It seems to just be a song about life and living in the moment. The guys are just going with the flow and trying to figure out life. It’s raining sheets and they really don’t want to be anywhere else.

The melody is really the story here. It’s like a folk sound with a little country and rock mixed in. It’s really hard to define the music and I think that’s a good thing.

The band seems like they’re comfortable in the country world, but I’m sure they want to bring more of that independent sound to the mainstream, which has been a movement in the country world of late.

I really like this sound and I could see the band doing well in 2013. The melody is really good and it’s something you can sing along with when you’re listening.

That’s always an important test – can you sing along – and this song passes that test.

I think you’ll find yourself remember a lot of the images in the song like the word “codeine”. You don’t hear that all the time in a country song. It stays with you.

What do you think of this new band?

CML Points: 84/100

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Dayne Shuda

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  1. Amanda says

    AWESOME!!! Love the music and song. We need more of this kind of music in country music and not the pop country we have on the radio today.

    Cant wait to hear more!!

  2. Byron Cuthrell says

    I am a big fan of CC&SG. Solid musicianship and lyrics. These lyrics do a great job of painting a picture with just one listen. Also the song is very catchy and will get you singing along quickly. This is a band on the rise and I would recommend getting on the train soon!

  3. Matthew Mc. says

    These guys are amazing! I have been following CCSG for a few years now and am always impressed with the new material. The songs speak to not only your heart, but to your head and your life. They have a sound that screams for the mainstream to listen, but whispers for “We are your next favorite band and you just don’t know it yet!” Keep an eye on Connor Christian & Southern Gothic, and an ear for Sheets Down. You will be glad that you did!

  4. ashlee simonds says

    I am a huge follower of Connor! It doesn’t surprise me that the band is absolutely amazing as well! You completely described the music they produce and their sound. They’re unlike anyone out there in the mainstream music world. I love having a friend of mine doing much amazing things! The music is epic and truly speaks for itself!! Big things will continue to come from this group…people need to learn the name and buy merchandise!! :)

  5. says

    CCSG are True Troubadours weaving their words into song and sharing them across the country! Developing a strong fanbase consisting of many crossover fans that that generally do not listen to country.

  6. Jeff Hanahan says

    The beauty of CCSG is that their music touches you in many ways. One song may make you cry, and the next may have you swaying at the bar with your mug held high. This song lures you in with the sweet melody and lyrics that make you wonder where you’re headed but then hits you when the talents of the entire band come together. Great stuff!

  7. Joy Meyer says

    Love this band. I have been following them for years now. They are solid and on the rise. One of my favorite songs.

  8. Lisa says

    This band is amazing! If you get the opportunity to see them live please do so! I promise you will not regret it!!!

  9. Mark Roscoe says

    Are these lyrics a joke? This is actually worse than what they play on the radio. Come on people, really?

  10. Melodie Schroth says

    I, too am a big fan of Connor Christian & Southern Gothic. I first heard them a couple years back when they played in a tiny concert a friend organized. Prior to hearing them I was not a fan of country music, but these guys served to broaden my entire listening spectrum!

  11. Michele Soucie says

    CCSG is a group comprised of amazing musicians who I have had the opportunity to watch mature over the years that I’ve known them. When I say “mature” I mean like a bottle of fine wine matures with age and in doing so, gets better. This band gets better everytime I hear them. If you think the recording you listened to was great, you should see/hear them live, they sound even better. I would say they are the next best thing to hit the music scene. I don’t know what category of music you want to put them in, Country, Americana, Alternative Country, whatever category they end up in is where I’ll be.

  12. Tina Thiry says

    I am a huge fan of CCSG, and am absolutely thrilled that great things are happening for them!! Their music is so lively, so precise and the lyrics are unique and pull you into the song!! CCSG has made me dance my heart out, boot stomping, twirling, kicking up your heels, leaving you exhausted, yet ravenous for More!! They send me into a musical frenzy of pure happiness!! I love them!! :)

  13. judy h says

    I am a recent convert, introduced by a friend. As a group, CCSG is much more than the sum of its parts. They’re like an unexpected jewel — a gift from your Secret Santa. Arrangements are crisp, harmonies are tight, and lyrics are fun. Live, they are dynamic. Musicianship is key, with each member of the group getting their moment in the sun — and Dude, do they shine! Connor’s voice is not like everyone else’s; he touches that quiet place deep inside your heart and leaves it better than he found it. He’s a talent to keep your eye on — you DEFINITELY want to follow this band!

  14. Kara says

    This is an amazing band- both live and recorded. Their songs are great for working out and chillin’ and grillin’ and everything in between. Love CCSG!

  15. Thomas says

    Been on board with CCSG since 2009… Sheets down is a great intro to a very talented group from faith to gritty tunes about love and real life its all here…no jinglesque swill just true emotion and writing…much needed in the genre great stuff!

  16. John Emmett says

    Big Fan of CCSG. great to see live! Ive described their sound to friends as Zack Brown with a Steve Earle kick! Connor sounds a lot like Jim Croce to me. The musicians are excellent and multitalented. Sheets Down is just one of many future hits to come!

  17. Cindy Reuter-Zingraff says

    Sheets Down is a song that once you hear it will be ingrained in your memory. After hearing it in the morning at 7:30, it’s still happily coursing through my mind at 8:30pm. Connor & CCSG are like codeine & red wine; totally addicting! Connor’s songwriting skills are honed and the interaction between the band members,each one exceptionally talented in their own right, is an added bonus. Watch out; they’re never goin’ back home again!

  18. CindyLu says

    Love CCSG…but they are not new for me – been folIowIng them from the start. I’m another one of the converts who never listened to anything remotely country before I heard their totally unique style. I’m so excited for these guys to gain the audience and recognition they truly deserve.

  19. Jan says

    This band has great energy. Their success will be the gain of all music fans! They NEVER disappoint. Their originality is refreshing! CCSG. is exploding with talent. They are fantastic!!!

  20. tony says

    CCSG are a versatile Atlanta based country/rock band that have classic roots. Their live performances will blow you out of your seat especially poignant moments like when the duo that play “Fiddler” and the cover of “November Rain”. I am a grown mature man,but when they play “Waitin’ For Princess”,it make me think of my love for my woman and makes me cry EVERY TIME !! Please look at the video on YOUTUBE “Sunday Suit” and you will see what they bring to the table…..brilliant !

  21. Tess says

    I love this band! They have an infectious energy and amazing talent. I first met Connor about three years ago at an small concert and have been hooked ever since. CCSG is definitely one of those bands that will make their own individual mark on the music industry.

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