The Sexiest Country Love Songs – Part 5

These are the top favorite all time country love songs…

Country Love Songs – Part 5

10) You’re Still The One – Shania Twain

Shania TwainNothing is really more sexy in country music than Shania Twain. During the middle of her monster album Come On Over Shania released the love song dedicated to her then husband Mutt Lange titled You’re Still The One. The song was passionate and heartfelt. The song is one that has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice for couples today as they celebrate their love. The title of the song pretty much explains the sentiment. After all we’ve been through you’re still the one for me…

Listen and Download You’re Still The One

9) Whenever You Come Around – Vince Gill

Vince Gill was a big star in the early and mid-’90s. He had hit after hit. He is well known for his ballads and a few great uptempo songs. Back in 1994 he released one of his signature songs Whenever You Come Around. The song sees Gill’s vocals soaring to heights never reached by male country singers. The song is slow. It’s romantic. It’s beautiful. Whenever You Come Around is a song that has soft rock influence. This song could be included on any number of romantic song collections.

Listen and Download Whenever You Come Around

8) Breathe – Faith Hill

Faith HillFaith Hill‘s Breathe is likely to always be remembered a bit more for its accompanying video. Who can forget a beautiful Faith Hill rolling around in satin bed sheets? It’s an image forever etched into the minds of country songs. Breathe seemed to be the peak of Faith’s career to this point. The album of the same name was her best selling album and she was on top of the country world during the album’s run. The song is a great country love song that will always have a place among the best country songs (and videos) of all time.

Listen and Download Breathe

7) Behind Closed Doors – Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich took things Behind Closed Doors back in 1973. The song would go on to win awards for Rich and eventually become recognized as one of the greatest country songs of all time. Behind Closed Doors is a song about a woman that is the perfect woman: she’s a lady while out in public, but a true passionate lover behind closed doors. It’s a  romantic song that speaks to lovers everywhere that true love is meant to be between two people and it’s ok for things to get hot behind closed doors.

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6) I Love The Way You Love Me – John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery debuted in 1992 with the catchy tune Life’s A Dance. The song vaulted him to a bright new hat act in country music. It was his 2nd single that vaulted him into special star status. I Love The Way You Love was JMM’s first #1 hit as well as being the first of a handful of enormous ballads for John Michael. His career continued to reach enormous heights in the mid-’90s and it started with the first ballad and country love song I Love The Way You Love Me.

Listen and Download I Love The Way You Love Me

5) Amazed – Lonestar

Lonestar lost bassist and co-lead singer John Rich just before their 1999 album Lonely Grill. The guys in the band became a quartet and went on to have their biggest hit. The song was Amazed and it spent basically the entire summer of ’99 at the top spot on the country charts and the pop charts. If you went to see Lonestar in concert that summer you were treated to the song twice during the show. The song is simple in lyric, but has an impact with its arrangement and melody. Every loved the song and was playing it to set a romantic mood. Both guys and gals loved the song. It’s truly a great country love song.

Listen and Download Amazed

4) I Melt – Rascal Flatts

Rascal FlattsHere is another song that is mostly remembered for its video. Rascal Flatts released the title track to their sophomore album to much anticipation. The song is hot, sexy and features good looking people everywhere. It’s a track that literally melts your lust for love and drives you crazy. The boys in Flatts went on to even greater heights as the biggest band in country music during the ’00s and one of their sexiest love songs is I Melt.

Listen and Download I Melt

3) Raining On Sunday – Keith Urban

Keith UrbanKeith Urban was country’s male sex symbol in the ’00s. His Aussie charm and crazy guitar skills made the women go nuts. In 2003, Keith released the song Raining On Sunday. The song is about staying inside on a rainy Sunday and being with the one you love. No worries. No errands. Just two people staying in bed all day and falling in love over and over with each other. Sometimes rain is a very good thing especially when it comes to country love.

Listen and Download Raining On Sunday

2) Let’s Make Love – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawFaith Hill & Tim McGraw have been country’s favorite couple for nearly 15 years now. Nobody has matched their passion and love on record and camera. These two sweethearts fell in love on tour and started their lives together shortly after meeting. The heat and passion oozed out of them and it was bound to find its way onto record. Back in 2000 Faith and Tim were both at the top of the country world. They were #1 and #1 as male and female vocalists. They recorded the song Let’s Make Love. The song was a passionate, hot, emotional, love song about two people so in love they couldn’t help but to proclaim it to the world and hold no punches. The song’s video was done in black and white and with class. Just two people walking around in the city of romance: Paris.

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1) Hello Darlin’ – Conway Twitty

With two words to open up his signature song Conway Twitty was able to make every woman in attendance weak in the knees. When Conway breaks the silence with his low, deep voice and strongly says, “Hello Darlin’. Nice to see you. It’s been a long time…” there is no doubt he’s there to sing to every little darlin’ in the crowd. Conway was a confident singer with a voice that could tremble the back rows of any arena he was playing. Women swooned for him as he sang his heart out on any number of his love song hits. The most remembered song today is Hello Darlin’. Nothing will ever top the impact this song has had on country romance.

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  1. lowezl says

    Thank you for this section of sexy songs–I think you pretty much got it right except that Raining on Sunday should have been higher on the list–Keith Urban still has it–if you go to his live concerts, the evidence is all there–women scream, try to get up on the stage, throw lingerie on the stage, and try desperately to touch this man any way they can. With his voice and guitar he interacts and charms the women (young and old) better than any artist I’ve seen since Elvis Presley.

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