The Sexiest Country Love Songs of All Time

This is a collection of the sexiest country love songs of all time. These songs will get you and your lover going to the point where you can’t help but look into each others eyes and head over to the next room.

Look at these songs, download your favorites and make a sexy romantic playlist for you and the love of your life. Take some time for just the two of you and allow some of country’s greatest artists to serenade your night of romance.

Country Love Songs

50) Come A Little Closer – Dierks Bentley

Dierks BentleyDuring the first few singles of his career Dierks Bentley came across as the good old boy with a funny side that liked to have a good time and enjoy life. Some of that changed when Dierks released Come A Little Closer in 2005. The song made Dierks much more attractive to the female country audience. The track is sexy and romantic. The ladies took notice to the song and looked for more from Dierks. Since Come A Little Closer Dierks has continued to provide a good mix of guy songs along with a steady stream of sexy songs for nights of romance. The new ones are great but things always go back to the original.

Listen to and Download Come A Little Closer

49) Let Me Touch You For A While – Alison Krauss

I know a way to make you smile/Just let me touch you for a while.

What can get more sexy than that? Alison Krauss has always had the sweetest voice in country and bluegrass music. In 2002 she turned up the sexy factor for this song and things got taken to a whole new level of romance in country music. Alison’s tracks have never made it to the top of the country charts, but she’s had a career more successful than most. She makes songs and videos that are emotional, passionate and most importantly unique. This song is like no other in country music and it’s perfect for turning up the heat in your home tonight.

Listen to and Download Let Me Touch You for Awhile

48) Don’t Close Your Eyes – Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley found his sweet spot in country music during the late ’80s shortly before he passed. A song that changed things was Don’t Close Your Eyes. The song is kind of sad yet very romantic. It’s about a guy that doesn’t want his woman to think about anything or anyone else while they make love. To keep the flame going he wants her to keep her eyes open the whole time so he can see the true passion and feeling behind the love being made. It’s a song about love and one that has the melody and vocal arrangement to set the right mood for any romantic evening.

Listen to and Download Don’t Close Your Eyes

47) We Danced – Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyIt was the 4th and final single from his debut album, but We Danced went on to become Brad Paisley‘s second number one song on the country singles charts. The song is about a guy and gal finding love with each other one night after closing hours at a local bar. It’s a romantic song. Everybody wants to fall in love in a romantic fairytale way. The idea of finding the love of your life in the bar after hours and sharing a dance on an empty dance floor is something dreams are made of. Brad Paisley went on to record many more songs including the occasional romantic tune, but none have been better than this original.

Listen to and Download We Danced

46) After All This Time – Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell is often the forgotten country star from the ’80s. He had a huge string of #1 hits on the charts as a solo artist. He will be found much later on this countdown as well as a songwriter for another artist. In 1999, Crowell released the #1 song After All This Time is a romantic country ballad. The song has the feel and tone of a passionate song that will get the juices flowing. The song is fluid and rhythmic. The song is about love that never goes away and even though love can sometimes fade there is always the hope of finding that passion and fire.

Listen to and Download After All This Time

45) Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley

Elvis is the king of sexy, passionate romance. He is known as the original sex icon in American history. Love Me Tender came out in 1956 and became an instant classic. The song is still one of the sexiest songs of all time. It’s slow. It’s passionate. It’s drips sex as Elvis serenades his lover like she’s the only one in the world he cares about. There is no better place for Elvis than on a list of the sexiest country music love songs. Elvis was a country boy and his songs were a little bit rock and roll, but also a lot of country soul. Be sure to include Love Me Tender on your romantic song playlist.

Listen to and Download Love Me Tender

44) Thinkin’ About You – Trisha Yearwood

Sometimes a person occupies your mind so much that they’re all you can think about. You need to find them as soon as possible and rip them down on the couch and go for it. Fascination and passion come with the territory of love – new and matured. Sometimes the flame never goes out and you can’t stop thinkin’ about your lover. Trisha Yearwood released Thinkin’ About You in 1995 and it became one of the sexiest country love songs of all time. She has a powerful and passionate voice and there is nothing like the point in the song when she hits the falsetto high note. It sticks in your memory just like a passionate lover.

Listen to and Download Thinkin’ About You

43) Islands In The Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Islands In The Stream was written by the Bee Gees and taken to number on the country and pop charts in 1983 by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Two of country’s biggest legends teamed up to record one of the biggest hits in country music history. The song is melodic and fun, but love can be about having a good time now and then. There is nothing like getting a smile on your face with the one you love most in the world and falling into each others arms with some good fun on a romantic evening together.

Listen to and Download Islands In The Stream

42) From This Moment On – Shania Twain

Shania TwainShania Twain took sexy to a whole new level with her reign at the top in the late ’90s. Her song From This Moment On became the ultimate sexy country love song when it was released in 1998. The song is sexy, passionate and full of emotion that will get anybody’s heart churning. The picture of two people falling in love with each other is powerful and romantic. Everybody wants to have a fall in love fairytale. Everybody wants to believe they can have lifetime love. From This Moment On is a classic sexy country love song and belongs on your romantic playlist.

Listen to and Download From This Moment On

41) Something That We Do – Clint Black

Clint BlackLove is something that we do. Clint Black sang those words back in ’97 and country fans took notice. One of country’s most talented songwriters had written a great romantic country song as he reminisced about the woman he loved most in the world. Something That We Do was a great way to put the art of loving someone and being in love. The song was a big hit for Clint and it became a staple in his collection of memorable country love songs. He’s actually racked up quite the collection of love songs, but none are more sexy and romantic than Something That We Do.

Listen to and Download Something That We Do

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