Top 18 Country Music Artist Website Designs

Many of your favorite country music artists can be found around the web. Some allow their fans to listen to their music for free, right on their websites. Some have fan clubs and offer free newsletters, others have killer videos and exclusive photos. I think a country music artist’s website should accurately express who they are and what their music represents.

I noticed quite a few trends among many of the sites I reviewed. They all have something in common – representing straight up country music. But, that shouldn’t mean they should all look the same. They certainly don’t all sound the same.

A few of those trends included:

  1. Rugged and Worn Images and Photograph Edges
  2. Retro/Vintage Styled Graphics
  3. Heavy Use of Slow Loading Flash Graphics
  4. Confusing and Difficult to Navigate

What makes a website design successful? There are many different elements that need to be considered. Font treatment, colors, usability and ease of navigation, etc. But most importantly, the site should be unique to it’s owner. It shouldn’t look like any other artist’s website. It should be just as artistic as the artist’s music.

After reviewing over 100 country music artist websites, here are the top 18 designed websites from your favorite country stars.

Country Music Website Designs

1 – Jason Aldean {site designed by Spark Art}

Jason Aldean

2 – Dierks Bentley {Designer Unknown}

Dierks Bentley

3 – Eric Church {Designed by Music City Networks}

Eric Church

4 – Alan Jackson {Designed by Bubble Up}

Alan Jackson

5 – The Jane Dear Girls {Designer Unknown}

The Jane Dear Girls

6 – Joey + Rory {Designed by Bubble Up}

Joey + Rory

7 – Lady Antebellum {Designed by Music City Networks}

Lady Antebellum

8 – Miranda Lambert {Designer Unknown}

Miranda Lambert

9 – Little Big Town {Designed by Music City Networks}

Little Big Town

10 – Reba {Designed by Cabedge}


11 – Tim McGraw {Design by Mathematics}

Tim McGraw

12 – Montgomery Gentry {Designed by Music City Networks}

Montgomery Gentry

13 – Brad Paisley {Designed by Music City Networks}

Brad Paisley

14 – Uncle Kracker {Designer Unknown}

Uncle Kracker

15 – Keith Urban {Designed by Bubble Up}

Keith Urban

16 – Zac Brown Band {Designed by Bubble Up}

Zac Brown Band

17 – Kellie Pickler {Designer Unknown}

Kellie Pickler

18 – Gloriana {Designer Unknown}


Which website designs from your favorite artists do you find successful?  What do you think makes a great country music website?

I’d love to hear from you!

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