50 Perfect Country Wedding Songs – Part 4

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50 Perfect Country Weddings Songs – Part 4

20) The One – Gary Allan

Gary AllanGary Allan has carved his own place in country music and songs like The One have made him a country superstar. The raspy voiced singer from California has defied the country music traditions and found a place for his brand of country. In 2002, Gary released his single The One. The song climbed all the way to #3 on the charts and became a sexy, seductive song that country music fans – especially female fans – loved. The song was Gary’s biggest hit up to that point and it helped further establish him as a star. The song is about a guy saying he’ll wait as long as it takes to convince a girl that they are right for each other. He will do everything it takes until she’s sure that he’s the one. It’s true love and that kind of song is perfect for a wedding.

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19) Remember When – Alan Jackson

Alan JacksonIn 2003, Alan Jackson was coming off the huge success of the fun summer song It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. Jackson followed up the song with another smash hit. Remember When is a passionate love ballad about a young couple looking back on the things that make them special. It’s always special too look back on the special moments that make for a great love story. Every couple that gets married has their own unique love story. People fell in love with Alan’s song Remember When because it stirred up memories of their own marriages. Any song that can spark that kind of passionate emotion is a must-have song for a wedding playlist. Do a little remember and be sure to include Remember When in your upcoming wedding.

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18) I Love The Way You Love Me – John Michael Montgomery

A dimple-faced good ole boy burst onto the country music scene in 1992 with the song Life’s A Dance. That song reached #4 on the charts and remains a hit today, but it was the next single from country star John Michael Montgomery that would make the artist a superstar. I Love The Way You Love Me was released in 1993 and it shot straight up the charts to #1. The soaring ballad became one of the biggest hits of the ’90s. The song is about a guy that loves everything about the way he and his woman love. The lyrics are simple, but that is what gives the song its charm. John Michael would go on to have even more huge hits in the ’90s, but if it wasn’t for the classic wedding and love song I Love The Way You Love Me he may not have had that success. Be sure to have this one at your wedding.

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17) It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGrawTim McGraw and Faith Hill met in 1996 and were married that same year. The two became country’s steamiest couple and fans were treated to a song about the love in 1997 when Tim and Faith released It’s Your Love. The song shot straight up the charts all the way to the top spot. The song was passionate, affectionate, and emotional. Fans couldn’t get enough of their favorite country couple. The song was accompanied by a great video featuring both Tim and Faith. The love could be felt all the way through the screen and into living rooms. The song represents true love for so many country music fans. It’s a song about love and since weddings are a showcase of two people dedicating their lives to another forever in love this song is a must have for your wedding.

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16) I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash

The man of country music sings about his devotion to his wife. Johnny Cash wrote the song I Walk The Line about the love he had for his wife. All of the emotion and passion were put into the lyrics. Combine that with the classic freight train rhythm of classic Cash and you have one of the greatest and most well known songs in history. I Walk The Line gained more exposure after the release of the biopic Walk The Line. Today the song is known most as the story of one of the greatest couples in history. Any couple getting married would want to feel like they were made for each other like Johnny and June (even though the song was written prior to their love). The song fits the emotion and passion of weddings and even guys can sing along to this one. It’s a must-have.

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15) From This Moment On – Shania Twain and Bryan White

Shania TwainThe biggest lady in country music in terms of album sales – Shania Twain – released a classic love song in 1998. From This Moment On would go on to become a huge song on the charts along with being a favorite song for weddings. The original version included country star Bryan White singing lead and background vocals. Later mixes released to pop radio included only Shania Twain with White on background. The song picks a moment in time that marks the beginning of a true love that will last forever. It’s the perfect sentiment for any couple making their vows this wedding season. The beautiful voices of Shania Twain and Bryan White set the mood and people in the audience at your wedding will perk up and feel good inside when the song plays.

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14) I Do (Cherish You) – Mark Wills

In 1998, country singer Mark Wills released the song I Do (Cherish You) and the song shot up the country charts peaking at #2. Boy band 98 Degrees released the song later the same year and their version was a hit on the pop charts. The Wills version is well known in country circles as it remains a huge hit at weddings even today. A man committing his devotion and love for the women he’s with is the ultimate promise. Wills gave a vulnerable and passionate performance on the track and fans connected with the song. For the couple that’s saying “I do”, the song I Do (Cherish You) is the perfect theme song.

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13) I Cross My Heart – George Strait

George StraitThe movie Pure Country came out in 1992 and it took the star of George Strait to a new level. In the movie George or Dusty sings to his lady at the end in an attempt to win her love back. The song I Cross My Heart was a perfect love song that fit the movie scene beautifully. The song took on great meaning for guys and gals because it said exactly what most guys were thinking but where maybe a little to manly to express in words. The narrator promises to give all he’s got to give to make all their dreams come true. That’s a powerful promise and just like marriage it’s important for both sides to commit fully to a lifetime of love. I Cross My Heart is a well known song from one off the greatest country artists ever and it’s a must have for any country wedding.

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12) How Forever Feels – Kenny Chesney

Kenny ChesneyHow Forever Feels was the first time country fans got a glimpse of Kenny Chesney on the beach. The country singer released the catchy love song in 1999 and it became his biggest hit to that point. The video featured Kenny and a beautiful women falling in love out on the beach. The song is about a guy that is feeling like he’s ready to know how forever feels. For the guys that have felt the rushes of driving too fast, partying, and having fun there is nothing like the experience of knowing how forever with the woman you love can feel. It’s a great rush that is more thrilling than anything else. Sometimes it’s crazy. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but more than anything it’s a joy. Be sure you’ve found the right person for you and be sure to include How Forever Feels in your wedding setlist.

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11) Between Now And Forever – Bryan White

Bryan WhiteIt wasn’t a single and it wasn’t a huge hit, but Between Now And Forever became a classic country wedding song when released in 1996. The song was the title track to Bryan White‘s sophomore platinum album. The singles from the album made White a country star, but the album’s other cuts were great songs as well. Between Now And Forever is a song about a guy that can’t believe he found the person perfect for him. He is committed to doing whatever it takes, to go wherever his woman goes so they can be together. He asks her in a romantic way that if she’s not doing between now and forever he’d love to be with her.

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