50 Perfect Country Wedding Songs – Part 5

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50 Perfect Country Wedding Songs – Part 5

10) Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks

Dixie ChicksThe Dixie Chicks released Cowboy Take Me Away as a single off their smash hit album Fly. The song was written by Martie for her sister Emily. It seems to be every girl’s dream to be swept off her feet by prince charming. And for all of those good country girls out there prince charming usually comes in the form of a good looking cowboy. Cowboy Take Me Away is a rolling song that sees lead singer Natalie Maines asking her cowboy to sweep her off her feet and ride off into the sunset. That sunset can be marriage and that makes this tune a perfect choice for a wedding song.

Listen to and Download Cowboy Take Me Away

9) I Swear – John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery racked up scores of hits in the ’90s. His upbeat, passionate brand of country music caught on big with fans. Even though John Michael had upbeat hits it was his ballads that made him a superstar. At the end of 1993, John Michael released the debut single from his sophomore album. I Swear became a huge #1 hit on the country charts and even went gold – JMM’s only single to reach gold status. John Michael’s version of the song even climbed to the top 50 on the pop charts. After John Michael recorded the song, pop group All-4-One released a version that went on to become a huge pop hit in 1994. It is John Michael’s version of the song that remains a fan favorite for country fans. The tune also remains a popular song at weddings. Saying ‘I swear’ or ‘I do’ is a promise to the one you love that you’ll commit to them 100% and forever. It’s a powerful promise and something to be taken seriously. When John Michael sang I Swear there was passion in his voice and that’s why fans loved it. Be sure to download this one for your wedding playlist.

Listen to and Download I Swear

8) The Keeper Of The Stars – Tracy Byrd

In 1995, country artist Tracy Byrd released what would become one of his biggest hits. The Keeper Of The Stars is a song about a guy tipping his hat and giving thanks to the keeper of the stars for the love he shares with his woman. The song peaked at #2 on the charts, but remains a top song in fan’s memories as they continue using the song as wedding first dance song. Recognizing that falling in love with your soul mate is a powerful feeling. The Keeper Of The Stars is romantic and will bring smiles to your face as you dance with your new spouse. Be sure to include the song in your wedding.

Listen to and Download The Keeper Of The Stars

7) Amazed – Lonestar

After two successful albums, country band Lonestar separated from bassist and co-lead singer John Rich and went on to record the album Lonely Grill. The album’s first single failed to crack the top 40 on the country charts, but the 2nd single became the band’s biggest hit single. Amazed was released and shot straight to the top of the country charts and stayed there for a record 8 weeks in the summer of 1999. The song was even remixed and released on the pop charts where it also reached the top spot. Amazed is a song about a guy that is simply head over heels in love with the woman he’s with. He can’t stand how amazing she is in every way and he has to shout it to the world. Women always want to hear how much their man loves them. Amazed was the ultimate song for a man’s devotion to his woman. It’s the perfect song for weddings. Be sure to have this one ready to go for yours.

Listen to and Download Amazed

6) Check Yes Or No – George Strait

George StraitIn 1995, George Strait released a single to kick off his compilation collection Strait Out Of The Box. The song was Check Yes Or No and it would go onto to become a huge hit for George. Even for a star with as many of hits as King George, Check Yes Or No is the kind of song that doesn’t come along very often. The song tells the story of two young kids falling in love and staying together forever. The song connected with lovers all over. Yes Or No is a sweet song that brings out the kid in all of us. We all remember – even if we don’t think about it often – falling for a girl or guy the first time in elementary school. It’s the classic story about love that we all feel fits us perfectly. No matter how we meet our special someone a story like Check Yes Or No connects with us all because it’s ideal and something we all picture as the perfect love. Have the story of your perfect love told at your wedding and include a little Strait as well.

Listen to and Download Check Yes Or No

5) You’re Still The One – Shania Twain

Shania TwainIn 1998, country superstar Shania Twain recorded and released a song she wrote for her then husband Mutt Lange. You’re Still The One was Shania’s devotion song to her loved one. There had been speculation that the marriage was not true love at the time and Shania shared her feelings of love with the world and the world took notice. You’re Still The One went on to become one of Shania’s biggest hits as fans connected with the passion and emotion in the song. The sentiment of the song is the feeling of true love and showing the person you love that they’re still the one. The song is perfect for a wedding as both people are showing each other just how much they care. If the relationship up to the point of ‘I do’ was the beginning then telling someone that they’re still the one is the wedding. Be sure to include this one in your ceremony.

Listen to and Download You’re Still The One

4) From Here To Eternity – Michael Peterson

After his debut single Drink, Swear, Steal, And Life shot straight to #3 on the charts, country singer Michael Peterson released what would become his signature song. From Here To Eternity was a passionate ballad that saw Peterson promising the one he loves that he’ll be with her for the rest of their time. The song went #1 in 1997 and became an instant wedding classic. From Here To Eternity was one of the most popular wedding songs after its release and it remains a favorite for lovers committing to each other. Peterson’s soaring and passionate vocals connected with fans everywhere and From Here To Eternity is a must have song for any wedding.

Listen to and Download From Here To Eternity

3) When You Say Nothing At All – Keith Whitley and Alison Krauss

In 1988, country star Keith Whitley released the fourth single from his breakout album Don’t Close Your Eyes. The song was When You Say Nothing At All and it would go on to become Whitley’s second #1 hit in a row. A few years later, country beauty Alison Krauss added her soft, but powerful vocals to a cover version of the song and it became a hit once again. Keith’s version of the song was just as passionate as Alison’s but included his raspy voice and passionate delivery. The song is about someone that expresses just what they love about their lover. Despite all of the things their love tells them there is nothing better than when they say nothing at all. Let you and your lover tell each other best how you feel when you say nothing at all. Make this song your wedding song.

Keith Whitley – When You Say Nothing At All

Alison Krauss + Union Station – When You Say Nothing At All

2) I Can Love You Like That – John Michael Montgomery

A little over a year after his hit single and fellow wedding reached the top spot on the country charts, John Michael Montgomery released the song I Can Love You Like That. The tune would become another smash #1 hit for JMM and this one would be recorded by soul group All-4-One as well. The song is about a guy telling his woman all the ways he can love her. Using metaphors has proven to be a great way for country artists and songwriters to connect with fans. I Can Love You Like That was another ballad hit for JMM and it’s a bit time favorite for weddings still today. The song is simple, but elegant and John Michael was the perfect guy to sing it. The song remains a classic love and wedding song. It’s a surefire hit for any wedding reception.

Listen to and Download I Can Love You Like That

1) Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis

After a hugely successful album debut, Randy Travis needed a big single to kick start his second album. Forever And Ever, Amen was released as the lead off single to Always and Forever, and the song would instantly become a country classic. Written by country songwriting legends Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz, Forever And Ever Amen is a wholesome song about a simple love between a man and a woman. The song was released in 1987 and with Randy Travis’ signature vocals the tune became a favorite love song for couples everywhere. The song is a favorite wedding song as well. The images in the tune make people smile and feel good about love.

As long as old men/Sit and talk about the weather/As long as old women sit and talk about old men

The song’s good-hearted nature gave it an approachable appeal that country fans of all ages fell in love with. If there is one song a country wedding can’t go on with it would be Forever And ,Amen by Randy Travis.

Listen to and Download Forever And Ever, Amen

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