More Trucks Than Cars by Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan seems to have another hit on his hands.

It’s been a really good year for Craig Morgan. His TV show is doing well and seems to be one of the most watched shows on TV. Craig also had a bit of a comeback in the country music world where his song¬†This Ole Boy climbed into the top 15. That’s a huge deal for Craig especially since he’s with a new label. It had to be good to know that his fans still wanted him making music.

Now Craig is looking for a great followup and he’s decided to release this great track. Check it out.

More Trucks Than Cars – Craig Morgan

The best thing Craig Morgan has going for him is his laid back country style. He sings simple songs for simple people and deep down I think we all want to live the simple life. The track is about the small towns across the country where people put family higher on the priority list than work and we just do the best we can and live life in a way that makes us happy.

Craig’s latest album has to be quietly one of the best country albums of the last year. The lead single was a huge hit. The followup was pretty good and now I think he really has another solid top 20 hit with¬†More Trucks Than Cars. Once again Craig nails the melody, which is the most important part of a good country hit song.

These kinds of songs are doing well on country radio right now. People aren’t looking for anything too serious or emotional. We just like things that make us smile and make us feel good about who we are and where we live. This song is perfect for that lifestyle and I think Craig’s fans are really going to appreciate this one.

What do you think?

Is it a hit?

Chart Estimate: #20

CML Points: 81/100

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