Darius Rucker Sings With John Daly

Darius RuckerDarius Rucker is back with a new song and a new album on the way later this fall.

Check out the new tune: Darius Rucker Come Back Song.

But you may not know that another new song was recently released featuring Darius. Professional golfer John Daly, winner of the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 British Open has self-released a new album of country music tunes. I Only Know One Wayis the title of the album and the song that features Darius Rucker.

John Daly I Only Know One WayThe song is about John’s struggles with gambling, drinking, and living a hard life. JD has been a golfer like no other. He’s won tournaments, won tons of money, but has always let himself get in the way of a stable life. Fans love the guy because he’s blue collar and has his issues just like the rest of us. In a game where the players are mostly robots with polo shirts on, John Daly is a down home country boy that likes to enjoy life.

John’s vocals are a little rough, but he sings with passion and he’s definitely country. And of course Darius adds a lot to the song with his distinctive vocals.

It’s all from the heart. John is a great golfer and seems like a great guy.

Check it out. I really like it.

I Only Know One Way – John Daly and Darius Rucker

I Only Know One Way

What do you think of the song?

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  1. McD says

    I heard this song sung by John Daly on Ferety on the Golf Channel last night. Love it. New appreciation for John Daly the man. Well done.

  2. Dayne Shuda says

    I watched it last night too, McD. Great song. JD is the best and so is Darius.

  3. Al says

    That is so terrific, boy it sure does bring back memories of my own. John you are so super, thanks again.


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