I’m About to Come Alive by David Nail

David Nail

There is an interesting story behind this David Nail song.

Last year I couldn’t stop listening to Let It Rain by David Nail. It’s such a catchy song. Even when I’m not feeling in a sad mood I listen to that song. I also really enjoyed the music on both of David’s albums including his first record and second (don’t forget Memphis)single I’m About To Come Alive.

Today I was sitting around watching TV. For some reason I noticed that Behind The Music: Train was coming up on VH1. I figured that would be an interesting story because that band has been around since I was in grade school and they’re still relevant today. They’re not a huge band like Bon Jovi, but these guys are big time and they keep finding ways to make great music.

So I’m watching the show and all of a sudden I hear I’m About To Come Alive. The band was performing it live in a show and I was really confused. I was thinking there is no reason for a band this big to be covering a David Nail song. Then I realized that I was an idiot and it was actually the other way around.

The song belonged to Train and David Nail had recorded it and released it as his comeback single just a few years ago. Both versions are great and I thought I’d share it with you today.

I’m About To Come Alive – David Nail

I remember very vividly back in 2009 hearing this song for the first time. I actually think I saw the video first on CMT. I was intrigued because it was David Nail. After about five or six years of just one moderately successful single the guy was back on the charts with a new record deal and a new single.

This time the single still didn’t get Nail a ton of recognition. That would come with his next single Red Light, but man is this song really good. I’m sure some of you have heard it but it’s kind of been forgotten and I don’t want that to happen.

I really had no idea what the song was about. After seeing the Train biography today I realized the song is about redemption. The song is really good. It’s really personal. Train was going through some difficult times and their bass player actually co-wrote this track. He was eventually kicked out of the band for his addictions with drugs and alcohol. Knowing that story really brings the song to a deeper meaning and it makes it even more enjoyable.

It’s a great song and knowing that Train got back together for a show to perform the song with their former bandmate makes it special.

I also think David did a great job on this track.

It’s always interesting to get to know a song a little better than you first did. That was the case for me with this track and I hope you get to discover it for a second time too.

I’m About To Come Alive – Train

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