Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan

Is there a bigger star in country music right now than Luke Bryan?

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan tones things down a bit on this new single.

You could probably make an argument for a few others, but it would be hard to top Luke. His last few singles have been huge. His albums have been selling like crazy including his Spring Break collections. The man is on fire.

We’ve had a few romantic singles and upbeat party songs the last few times out. This time Luke is slowing things down for his next single. Check out the brand new song from Luke Bryan – Drink A Beer.

Drink A Beer – Luke Bryan

I don’t know why fans seem to always rate serious songs a little higher. I know it’s my tendency. Maybe it’s because that while we like the party songs a lot we know they only represent a part of life. And usually it’s only a small part of life. The bigger portion of life is usually the more serious stuff and sone of those unfortunate things is death.

I think that’s what this song is about. It seems to be that the narrator got word that a good friend has passed. All he can do is go to the place where the two would spend time drinking beer together.

This time the narrator is going to have to drink a beer alone because that’s what the two always did. He’s sitting there thinking of his good friend doing what they would do when times got tough.

I’m sure we’ve all been there.

What do you think of this little change up from Luke Bryan?

Another smash hit?

Chart Estimate: #3

CML Points: 87/100

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  1. Terry Neely says

    I’m glad he has slowed it down a bit. Sad,but his voice is good on this one. Gee, you think Zac Brown will like it? LOL

  2. Terry Neely says

    He was just fabulous on the CMA awards show with this song. I’m sure ‘ol Elwood would not agree with me but heck, everybody has their right to agree or disagree.

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