Dim Lights, Thick Smoke by Dwight Yoakam

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How cool is Dwight Yoakam?

I’m really excited for the release of Dwight Yoakam’s new record, 3 Pears. It has to be one of the most anticipated album releases this year. I’m not sure if Dwight has quite as many fans as he had 20 years ago, but he’s still a big deal in the country world. The man is a legend and anytime he brings new music to the table it’s a big deal.

The new record is released later this week and Dwight has been releasing a few tracks for early listening. Check out the latest one.

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke – Dwight Yoakam

Here is my progression for listening to new country songs.

First, I’ll listen for the melody. The music is really what draws me in at first. The lyrics are secondary and I think for most country artists the lyrics come second to, but I’m not sure. That’s an assumption. Lyrics are the second thing I look for with a new song because you can have a great melody and have a great hit, but for a song to be really great I think you need both.

With this track you certainly remember the melody right away. You hear Dwight singing the main lyric, but you’re paying more attention to the upbeat tempo of the music. It’s a great song in that sense. If you feel like heading out to the clubs on the weekends then this is the kind of song you’d expect to hear at those country juke joints. This one will get you up on your feet dancing around the entire floor.

Dwight has always brought his own flavor to country music. This sounds like a Dwight Yoakam song, but it’s also fresh. That’s really great because you’ll feel comfortable with this song and still feel like Dwight is changing it up a bit. I think people are going to love this song and I’m sure the entire record will be more of the same greatness.

CML Points: 77/100

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