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Easton CorbinEaston Corbin came on strong in 2010.

Easton’s debut single shot to the top of the country charts. Fans were instantly wondering who the newcomer on the scene was and wondered if he was the clone of George Strait. The comparisions slowed though as Easton took his second single of the year to the top of the charts making him two for two in #1 hits – a rare feat for any artist let alone a brand new artist. Easton even got to meet one of his idols Alan Jackson in 2010.

Fans first got to know Easton Corbin in late 2009 as his debut single A Little More Country Than That first hit the charts. It took a few months, but as 2010 rolled over the song was really climbing the charts and the accompanying video was spinning fast on CMT and GAC and their websites. Soon the song hit #1 in April just as Easton’s album hit the shelves.

Soon after A Little More Country Than That finished its run to the top Easton released his second single Roll With It – a snappy little tune that came out just in time for summer. The song had a little faster climb than his first single and Roll With It eventually became Easton’s second number one hit. Not a bad way to start a career!

Easton released his third single I Can’t Love You Back and it’s been climbing the charts heading into 2011.

So with a new single climbing high on the charts and momentum rolling what will 2011 have in store for Easton Corbin?

Easton Corbin in 2011

I Can’t Love You Back is about to crack the top 30 on the country charts just as 2011 rolls over. Easton Corbin has to be happy about the way his career has started. Not many artists are able to claim 2 straight number one hits to start their career.

Darius Rucker did it just a couple years ago and I know Clay Walker did it way back in the ’90s. Both of those guys are stars now so Easton’s in good company.

Now it’s time to make it three in a row and fans sure seem to love I Can’t Love You Back. The song is a bit sad, but country music has always had its sad side. It’s a great song though and the video just came out and it’s already getting heavy airplay on the TV stations and websites. Fans are loving them the throwback style of Easton Corbin.

As the new single climbs the charts it’s got to be time to think about how many singles Easton and his label are planning on releasing from his debut album.

I love the album and feel there are 2 or 3 songs worthy of becoming single #4, but it’s always hard to predict what the label wants to do. Sometimes they want to capture the momentum an artist builds and get right into album #2. I’m not sure if that will happen in this case. There are too many songs that can’t be overlooked on Easton’s debut.

I’d say This Far From Memphis, A Lot To Learn About Livin’, and The Way Love Looks could all be singles. A Lot To Learn About Livin’ is probably my personal favorite on the album. It’s a good uptempo song that could fit in well as a summer single. I feel like turning it up every time I play in my pickup. Some don’t seem to like the song comparing it to the kind of country Kenny Chesney makes as inspired by Jimmy Buffett. I see it as good summer fun. It’s a song I can sing along to in the summertime.

Beyond a single or two more I’d say the odds are good we could see new music by the end of 2011 from Easton and that’s exciting.

New Music and a New Album

Today artists typically take about 18 to 24 months between album releases. In the Fall of 2011 that would put Easton Corbin on track for another album release. The single may be on tap for just a couple months prior to that anticipated release date.

Easton is credited with co-writing four songs on his debut album. The rest – including A Little More Country Than That – came from Nashville’s finest songwriters.

The thing about sophomore albums is they can struggle at times to top the first. Artists get their whole life to prepare for their first album and it’s easy to feel like the second album is rushed especially with the busy schedule that comes with country stardom.

A good side to the second album is songwriters are likely sending more songs to Easton. After proving he has the talent to take a song to #1 on the charts there have to be some good songs coming his way. It’s more difficult for new artists to get those good songs. Hopefully Easton has a few more of his own for the new set along with some of Nashville’s best.

Tour in 2011

In 2010 Easton hit the road on the big tour with Brad Paisley. It had to be quite the time for the newcomer. Brad puts on one of the biggest shows in country music or any genre of music for that matter. It had to be great for a new artist like Easton to get to play in front of that many people each night.

In 2011 it looks like Easton has a bunch of club shows lined up where he’s the headliner. I’m also excited that he’s on the list for Country Jam in Eau Claire, WI. I’m definitely going to do all I can to make it there.

Beyond that I’m sure there will be another major tour for Easton to join. Maybe his new buddy Alan Jackson will have him out on tour. That’d be awesome and would make for some great live duets I think. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what works out for Easton.


Easton Corbin is off to a great start in his young career.

Things are rolling and 2011 is a year where Easton needs to keep the momentum going. There appears to be another hit single on the way with I Can’t Love You Back and beyond that there may be a new album due out later in the fall.

Expect big things from this traditional country throwback. He seems to have what it takes.

What do you expect from Easton in 2011?

Bonus Video: A Lot to Learn About Livin’

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