If The Fish Don’t Bite by Eric Paslay

Country folks like to fish.

Songwriter, Eric Paslay, has a new single ready for ready. Check this one out and see if you’re ready to hit the shore for a little fishing with Eric. It’s a great song.

If The Fish Don’t Bite – Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay

Do remember those times out fishing with a good looking girl? I’m not sure if it exactly happens this way, but Eric is ready to hit the lake with is best gal. And he doesn’t even care if the fish aren’t biting. It’s just a little time for him and his girl to be alone out on the lake with nothing but the moonlight.

I like the little quip in this video about how Eric does actually fancy himself a pretty good angler despite the lyric about not being one. I think that’s fun. It’s interesting to learn those little details about songs.

Melody-wise, this song is great. It’s got a fun hook that you can sing along with. I’m a fan of Eric’s. I think he’s got a great way of writing a song that people can relate to and sing along with. I just don’t know if If The Fish Don’t Bite will be a hit. I think it deserves to be, but there was recently the song Fish from Craig Campbell. That was a big hit and I don’t know if there is room for another fishing song in country right now.

The song deserves a chance, though. There have been a few other great fishing songs including Fishin’ In The Dark and I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song).

Will Eric’s fishing song be a hit? That’s going to depend on how many times you request it at your local radio station. So if you’re a fan get out there and request it.

Chart Estimate: #35

CML Points: 75/100

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