Drinky Drink by Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard is ready for the big time

The thing about Frankie Ballard is he’s different. You won’t really hear anything like him on country radio. He’s already had two pretty big hits and now he’s looking for a smash hit. Check out this fun country song and see what you think. Maybe it’s the one that will really break Frankie into the big time.

Drinky Drink – Frankie Ballard

Drinky Drink by Frankie Ballard

There is nothing too serious about this song. Frankie is just ready to have a good time. He’s come across a girl that’s down on her luck and he’s here to save the day. She’s been let down before by all the men in her life, but he’s ready to show her a real good time.

We’ve all been there. You’re feeling down on life and sometimes you need to go out and just let loose. That’s what this song is about. You grab a little tequila, some good friends and you hit the town. You do it up right and just let everything go crazy for one night. There is nothing wrong with doing that and sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get over someone.

There is no question this song is catchy. I can imagine people singing along with this one for the next couple months. Frankie has been a rising star for a couple years and it seems like just a matter of time before he breaks out on the charts.

What do you think…is this the big hit song for Frankie Ballard?

Chart Estimate: #20

CML Points: 78/100

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    I LOVE this song! It is different from his other stuff though. Every time I play it (which is often) it isn’t until about the third verse until I recognize that it’s Frankie. I’ll get there though :)

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