Helluva Life by Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard is back with a great new song.

Frankie Ballard has had an interesting career so far.

He’s kicked around the top thirty with two singles from 2010 and 2011. He had a single out last year, Drinky Drink. I’m not even sure what happened to that song. It was catchy. I liked it. I thought it would have a place on the charts, but I don’t think it was ever officially released.

Now Frankie is back with a new song that should make the charts. I think it has a chance to crack the top 20.

Helluva Life – Frankie Ballard

The song has a pretty cool medium style groove. It’s a song about reflection and realizing all the good things a guy has in life. It’s a song everyone out there can listen to and understand.

We all get caught thinking so mucha bout what we don’t have that sometimes forget how good we do have it. I think when we can take that approach we’ll be much happier in life. There will always be something you don’t have even if you have all the money in the world.

Maybe it’s good to just focus on what makes you the most happy in the world and enjoy those things. There really isn’t much else that matters when it’s all said and done.

Great song here from Frankie Ballard. He’s a talented artist and I hope he can find a place on the charts this year.

Chart Estimate: #20

CML Points: 84/100

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