The Funniest Country Songs Part 3

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Funny Country Songs Part 3

30) One More Payment – Clint Black

Clint BlackClint Black took an interesting take on the payment plans most people tend to find themselves on in life. Black released One More Payment in 1991 and it peaked at #7 on the country charts. The song is a light-hearted take on the paycheck lifestyle many live in the world. “One more payment…” is the mindset many live with and that’s fine. We only live once so why not take as much as you can while you’re able? Black mentioned everything under the sun that had to do with borrowing and owing cash and he did it perfectly. The song remains one that makes you grin and even chuckle at when you hear it.

29) Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die) – Joe Diffie

Joe DiffieBefore there was a Brad Paisley there was Joe Diffie. And there were others before Joe, but during his run of big hits in the ’90s Joe Diffie captured the hearts of people everywhere with his wit and country boy charm. In 1993, Joe Diffie released the #3 hit Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die). The song takes a look at the potential death of a good ‘ol boy who loves his local watering hole. The narrator tells his buddies to be sure to prop him up beside his favorite jukebox if he ever dies. He doesn’t want to leave his place even when he’s gone. The concept is a bit ridiculous and that’s what makes it funny, but perhaps the narrator had it right. Why not enjoy life as long as you can and perhaps even beyond…

28) One More Last Chance – Vince Gill

Vince Gill is most known for his passionate and emotional love songs and heartfelt ballads. In 1993 fans got a little taste of Vince Gill’s light side with the funny country song One More Last Chance. The song sees the narrator begging and pleading his woman for just one more last chance before she hits the road and leaves him forever. Vince got his buddies together for the video including a little cameo from the great George Jones. It’s hard to believe that anyone could get mad at Vince, but he put a great melody to a common situation and the song became one of the funniest country songs of all time.

27) Celebrity – Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyThe king of country funny during the ’00s and beyond is Brad Paisley. To kick off his 2003 album Mud On The Tires Brad released the fun tune Celebrity. The song pokes fun at the celebrities everybody loves and adores. From free lattes that have to be just right to the tantrums you can throw in public and be thought of as cool Brad Paisley turned the mirror on the celebrity lifestyle everyone aspires to achieve. Brad took on the role of the narrator working to become a celebrity. The story is funny. The melody is catchy. And Celebrity became a classic funny song.

26) 15 Minutes – Rodney Atkins

Rodney AtkinsDuring 2009, Rodney Atkins was come off a run of hits that rival most in country music. Rodney released the song 15 Minutes as a way to put a light-hearted spin on giving up vices. The hook of the song is that the narrator gives up all of the things that make him happy – drinking, smoking, and the rest. After it was over he realizes it was the worst 15 minutes of his life. It’s a fun take on life for those that head out on the town on the weekend to simply kick back a little and enjoy the fruits of labor. There is nothing wrong with a few enjoyable things in life and Rodney let everybody know they could have a good time.

25) My Next Broken Heart – Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & DunnIs there anything better that poking a little fun at an ex while poking a little fun at yourself as well? Brooks & Dunn made the funny song My Next Broken Heart and it became an anthem for country fans everywhere. Sometimes things don’t work out with relationships. For whatever reason we find ourselves out on the town again working on our next broken heart. The melody to the song was catchy and Brooks & Dunn added their trademark energy. The guys could put a spin on a funny lyric and the song remains a great funny country song.

24) High Maintenance Woman – Toby Keith

Toby KeithIn 2007, Toby Keith was out on his own and releasing the music he had always wanted to release. To kick off his Big Dog Daddy album Toby released the funny tune High Maintenance Woman. The song is as fun and airy as it gets, but with Toby’s vocals the song became a top 3 country hit. The song tells the story of a maintenance man that longs for a high maintenance beauty queen. It’s the classic tale of love that can’t be had. The story was made for a music video and Toby didn’t disappoint with a video that will make you laugh just as much as the song. Toby Keith often gets recognized for his in-your-face attitude, but don’t forget about the big guy’s witty side. Check out High Maintenance Woman for a reminder.

23) Do You Want Fries With That – Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawTim McGraw is serious, but he has a funny charming side as well. Tim likes to have a good time and he used to do some partying as well. In 2005 McGraw released the top five hit song Do You Want Fries With That. The song sees McGraw telling the story of the guys that get caught up on the wrong side of life and divorce. The narrator sees his ex take everything he seemingly had away and then run off with another guy. Sad right? Well McGraw put the clever hook on the end with the narrator ending up working at a fast food joint asking the other guy in his ex’s life ‘Do you want fries with that?” It’s funny and makes you laugh at life’s circumstances. Sometimes you gotta just say oh well and keep on laughing.

22) I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home – David Frizzell

David Frizzell had his only solo number one hit with 1982’s I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home. The story and song were as ridiculously funny as the song’s title is long. David sings the story of a guy that gets caught up in a life of good timing and drinking. His wife finally gets fed up and tells him she’s going to turn their house into a local watering hole so he can stay home and do his drinking instead of leaving her all the time. The song opens the eyes of how ridiculous it can be to leave the one you love each night for a few drinks with the boys. But who knows – maybe having a wino as a decorator isn’t such a bad idea…

21) Ticks – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley released Ticks in 2007. Paisley played the song for his boss Joe Galante and Joe thought the song was quirky enough yet smart enough to become a major hit. Once people got past over-thinking Ticks they realized the song was all tongue-in-cheek and 100% fun with no ill regards at all. The song went on to become a huge hit for Paisley reaching the top spot on the country singles charts. Paisley’s sense of humor has crept out over the course of his career and fans have loved it. Country music doesn’t have to be about serious, sad songs all the time. There is room for some funny country songs that are as simple as they are funny. Ticks is one of those songs.

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