Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain by Gary Allan

Gary Allan

Gary Allan is back after a long time away from recording and releasing new music.

You can always expect something different from Gary Allan. His voice is obviously unique, but even more than that is Gary’s choice of songs. He looks for stuff that is truly different from other artists. When you hear a Gary Allan song on the radio you instantly feel interested in what he’s trying to say. I think Gary has done that once again with Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain.

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain – Gary Allan

Gary Allan has never been shy about releasing slower and more laid back tracks. I think this would fall into that characterization, but what’s interesting here is that the song is actually positive. You have Gary playing the narrator. From what I can tell he’s talking with a woman (or someone) that’s been going through difficult times. Maybe the guy in the song is talking to himself. I’m not sure on that part.

Anyway, there have been rough things happening in life. We all go through them so I’m sure we can relate to that feeling. Sometimes you can get pretty low and it’s not a good place to be. This song is about the understanding that while you may be sad now there is hope. Every storm runs out of rain and your personal storm of sadness, anger or whatever will run out eventually.

Time is life’s greatest healer. It seems that anything can be fixed or at least be made better with time. We’re never sure how long it will take to get over something or to get through something, but what we do know is that each day gets a little better than the last. And if that’s not the case we hope to take maybe two steps forward with good days and only one step back with a bad day thrown in.

I really think this is a great song from Gary Allan. He has talked about using a different process for this record and if this first single is an indication I think fans are in for a real treat.

Chart Estimate: #10

CML Points: 85/100

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  1. Devann welch 000066 says

    I love this song and I believe tht he’s tlkin about a breakup and he’s telling tht person they will be ok because every heartache runs out of pain just like every storm runs out of rain is like sayin the rain will stop and so will the pain

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