Pieces by Gary Allan

Gary Allan Pieces

Gary is putting out my favorite song from his new album.

Gary Allan’s recent album just reached the top of the overall Billboard 200 chart.

That’s the chart that ranks albums sales from every genre. This was a first for Gary and marked his return in a big way.

With a number one album and number one single under his belt is quickly became a tough act to follow for Allan. The good news is he chose what was my favorite song from his new album.

Check out Pieces.

Pieces – Gary Allan

Pieces by Gary Allan

I looked around a little bit to see what the response was to this single. It was surprising to me to see that there was a mixed reception by some.

Yes, there are great songs on the album, but when I listened to the entire thing a couple times this song kept standing out. Maybe it was the mood I was in at the time and I realize that everybody has different tastes, but this song is great.

The first thing that caught my attention about the song is the hook in the chorus. This song is incredibly catchy and that’s what always gets my attention first. From there I can dig into the lyrics and the story.

I also think the story in this song is strong. It’s about realizing that we’re all a product of different pieces. We take things from our parents, friends, family and everything else in our lives. It all adds up to the person we are today.

And the great thing is we’re always changing and adding new pieces.

This is still my favorite song on the album and I’m excited to see what others think.

Chart Estimate: #5

CML Points: 85/100

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